Where to find cheap groceries

Keep more of your cash in your pocket

When you’re on a tight budget because you’re on a low income, are unemployed, a student or a Centrelink benefits, you’re always looking for ways to save cash on your groceries. We all need to eat, but we don’t want to spend a fortune doing it!

So, where can you find the cheapest groceries?
  • The most recent investigation by CHOICE has confirmed what many already know – Aldi deliver the lowest price for an average weekly shop.
  • Aldi’s lower rent, staffing and other costs mean they generally offer lower prices on most items.
  • So if you’re not fussed on buying the ‘leading brands’, you can save about 50% off your groceries by shopping at Aldi.
But it’s not that simple….

(It never is, right?!).

  • You can still save a load of cash on your groceries at the big supermarkets like Coles and Woolies if you’re smart about it.
  • Sticking with their own in-house and ‘no name’ brands can deliver some huge cash savings.
  • You’ll save about 33% on your groceries by choosing in-house brands in place of leading brands.
No two supermarkets are the same
  • Did you know that – putting their advertised specials aside – the big supermarkets price items differently between stores?
  • So between different Coles or Woolies stores you’ll pay a different price on exactly the same item, depending on the area it’s in. Prices tend to be more expensive in higher socio-economic areas.
  • And then there’s the so-called ‘Aldi-effect’. If there’s an Aldi store nearby, then Coles and Woolies reduce their prices to try and compete.
There’s an app for that!
  • Supermarket specials change every week, and it’s too hard to look through pages of catalogues to see if what we need to buy is on special.
  • Problem solved – get the free Trolley Saver app. It automatically links your shopping list to supermarket catalogue specials in your area, including Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and a number of independent / local grocers.
  • To put saving cash on your groceries at your fingertips, get the free app now for iPhone or Android.
Shop smart
  • Once you hit the supermarket – stay smart about what you’re putting into your trolley.
  • Watch out for sneaky supermarket tricks that make you spend more.
Other ways to save cash on groceries
  1. Plan ahead! Do a weekly meal planner, write a strict shopping list – and stick to it!
  2. For maximum savings, build your meals around what’s on special and in season.
  3. Consider buying in bulk and freezing meals in batches.
  4. Try to avoid having to duck into the shops several times a week for milk, bread or other essentials. These – and the extras you’re likely to grab while you’re there – all add up!
  5. Stock up on and freeze staples like bread so you have them handy at home.
  6. If you can, hit the shops without the kids – you’ll save a small fortune without them nagging you to buy things!
  7. And speaking of the kids – why not get them involved in saving cash on your fruit and veggies, and start growing your own at home?
  8. Go DIY – try making your own cleaning products –good for your budget and the environment!

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