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Under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2010 (“the Act”), there are certain obligations that we are required to undertake when we provide you with Credit Assistance by taking a preliminary assessment. The primary obligation is that we are required to assess whether the provision of credit is unsuitable having regard to your financial circumstances as well as looking at your requirements and objectives for seeking credit. We do this by undertaking a written credit assessment.

There are no direct fees and charges payable for our credit assistance from you, but we do receive a commission in the amount of 5%.

The method and or an estimate of how commissions or fees are worked out are able to be obtained from our compliance manager details of which are listed further below.

It is unlikely that a commission will be paid to a third party.

We are prohibited from providing credit assistance after we have undertaken a preliminary assessment if in our reasonable opinion, amongst other considerations:

  1. You would be unable to comply with your financial obligations under the proposed contract or could only comply with substantial hardship;
  2. The loan does not meet your requirements or objectives and or is unsuitable.

The details you provide in your assessment are provided to City Finance Franchisees the six most referred franchisees are as follows

  • CF Lending Pty Ltd
  • Shimtec Pty Ltd
  • Razorbay Pty Ltd
  • Commercial Equities Pty Ltd
  • Shimco Pty Ltd
  • Imisides Pty Ltd

Pursuant to the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, if you request a copy of the written credit assessment it will be provided to you free of charge.

If you make a request for a copy of your assessment after the credit contract is entered into we will provide a copy within 7 days.

If a request is made after two years from entering into the contract we will provide a copy within 21 days.


Enquiries, Concern And Resolution Of Complaints

What to do if you have any concerns

Step 1. We encourage you to discuss the matter with one of our friendly staff members that you dealt with when being granted the loan.

Step 2. If you are dissatisfied with our response, you may refer your dispute to the internal dispute resolution process of City Finance, where our designated Compliance Manager will review the decision.

You may contact the Compliance Manager by writing to the following address:

Local office:

The Complaints Manager

City Finance Australia Pty Ltd

PO Box 738, Springwood, QLD 4127

Tel: 07 3458 9200

Fax: 07 3299 5318

By Email: [email protected]

We will endeavor to notify you of the outcome of their decision within 21 business days of City Finance receiving your request.

Step 3. If you do not agree with the decision, you may apply to our

External Dispute Resolution service which is aimed at resolving disputes between credit providers and customers.

Our EDR provider is Credit and Investments Ombudsman (“CIO”)

Internet: (which includes an online complaint form)

Mail: Credit and Investments Ombudsman

PO Box A252


Phone: 1800 138 422

Fax: 02 9273 8440