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Support through a difficult divorce

Andy and his wife decided to call time on their relationship 24 months ago. After short periods of reconciliation, in the hope of keeping their family together, the separation turned sour and they called in lawyers to mediate and facilitate the divorce.

They fought over all sorts of things, including possession of the house and living arrangements for their two children. This resulted in some pretty hefty legal bills that were draining Andy’s savings account. With no clear end in sight, he knew he would need some financial help to get through the legal proceedings and finally move on with his life.

He sent through an enquiry to City Finance via their website, and Emily from Andy’s local branch, called him back shortly after. They discussed his situation and agreed on a loan amount and repayment plan that would see him through the last few weeks of sorting things out − with a little bit extra to help him cover living and accommodation costs at his new apartment.

Andy asked for a longer repayment period than normal for the amount of money he was borrowing. Taking his situation into account, and the stress he was already under, the City Finance team honoured his request.