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Sudden appliance repairs

Harriet and her family return home from a relative’s wedding up the coast to find their kitchen floor covered in water and a horrible smell lingering in the air. The combined fridge-freezer has given up on life and proceeded to defrost itself, ruining their linoleum floor.

With three growing boys, the family can’t be without a fridge for long. Only problem is they’ve just spent what savings they have attending the wedding. And Jake, Harriet’s husband, is the sole breadwinner in the house and self-employed, so he often struggles to get credit.

Jake does some online research to see how much a replacement unit will cost, and calls a tradie friend to ask about replacing the kitchen floor. His friend says he can fit the new floor for free, and will only charge him for the cost of materials. And he finds a unit at a second-hand specialist shop that is reasonably priced, and comes with a warranty.

Jake sees an ad on the price comparison site for City Finance. It says even people refused credit elsewhere can apply for a loan. So he checks out the website and uses the online calculator to work out the cost of a loan if he spreads the repayments out over six months.

It all seems pretty manageable from his end, particularly as he knows a couple of big jobs will be complete by then. He talks it over with Harriet and they agree to submit the application.

Tracy from City Finance gives Jake a call to discuss their application and financial situation. Tracy understands that they can’t manage without a fridge, but has to make sure the family can afford the repayments. She agrees to lend them the money on the basis that they take the loan out for a longer period than they had intended, just to make sure they don’t overstretch themselves and suffer as a result.

Pleased to have been treated like a real person and not just a number, Jake readily accepts Tracy’s offer and the loan is approved. Jake sees the money appear in his account in a couple of hours. He purchases the fridge-freezer online, opting for next day delivery, and calls his friend to work out a time to fit the new flooring.

Harriet orders pizzas for dinner and the family settle in to enjoy their evening.