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Unexpected Christmas presence?

John was on a tight budget, with ad hoc freelance illustration work, but he was pretty sure he’d got Christmas with his wife and two young sons sewn up. He’d bought presents throughout the year, to avoid taking out loans closer to the time. And he was really looking forward to seeing his sons’ faces light up when they opened their presents.

Then his sister Sally called and insisted she, her husband and three kids would be spending Christmas with them. They’d already booked flights! John couldn’t say no, but he knew Sally was probably looking to avoid the expense of Christmas herself, and feeding five more people and buying extra presents would be really tough on his unpredictable income.

As their arrival drew nearer, John realised the additional expenses might be beyond his cash flow. The only new job he’d secured in the last fortnight wouldn’t start until January. How would he cope with the additional spending he hadn’t planned for?

Then he saw a City Finance ad online. Could they help see him through till the new year? John wasn’t expecting a positive result, so he was delighted when a short-term loan was approved within. He could now ease the unexpected financial pressure, and enjoy Christmas with his five extra guests.