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Loans for driving fines

Craig works as a territory manager for a well-known soft drink distribution company, keeping him on the road a lot. On his way to a client’s premises in the city, he takes a call on his hands-free kit from another customer, who wants to place an order with him.

He explains that he’s driving at the minute but will place the order just as soon as he arrives at his next location. While he’s saying this, he accidentally runs a red light in his company car and gets flashed.

Craig starts to feel a bit sick. He’s already been called in to see his manager once this month, regarding a negative customer review, and he definitely does not want to rock the boat.

When the fine arrives at the office a few weeks later, Craig has to look twice at the amount. $415! Plus three demerit points on his licence – not great when you rely on your ability to drive to do your job. Wanting to seem in control, he assures his manager he’ll take care of the fine immediately and quickly heads to his car.

He doesn’t have the money in the bank to pay the fine before the due date, and his last credit card application was refused. Feeling desperate, he calls his mum for advice. She doesn’t have the money either, but she does know of someone who might. A friend of a friend, Pete, runs the local City Finance branch, and she’s borrowed money from him before.

Craig gives Pete a call and asks if he can borrow the money to cover the fine. He can pay it back in six weeks’ time as he’ll have been paid twice by then. Pete asks for a quick conversation with Craig’s payroll manager to confirm this is all true, and once satisfied, approves the cash advance application.

Craig pays the fine and takes the points on his licence. And vows to drive more carefully in future.