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Loans for unwanted job changes

Phil gets the call he’s been dreading for weeks, and makes his way to his boss’ office. The whispers round the office have been surprisingly accurate, and he’s being restructured into a part-time role.

Feeling like he’s just been punched in the gut, Phil returns to his desk and contemplates his situation. It’s October 29. Christmas is just around the corner and his three children have their sights set on some pretty special presents. Phil had planned on using his November pay check to cover the costs, and surprise them with a few extras.

Even if he finds a new full-time job in record time, he knows he won’t see the money soon enough.

Fortunately, his colleague Sarah recommends City Finance to him. She used them a couple of years ago when her car got written off and she had to fork out for a new one, and they were really helpful.

A quick call with City Finance loan specialist, Annabelle, gives Phil the information he needs to turn his situation around. He agrees a loan amount and repayment plan that stretches his repayments out over a longer period of time, to give him a bit of breathing room in case he has difficulty finding a new job.

Annabelle assures him he’ll have the money in his account by the next morning, at the latest. Relieved to have Christmas under control, Phil brings up SEEK on his computer to see about getting a new job.