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Loans for unexpected repairs

Single dad Erik had just paid a big phone bill, sorted out the rego for his car and bought his son some new kit for the cricket season. Then the washing machine made a horrible whining noise for 30 seconds before dying completely.

When he finally returned from the local laundromat, Erik started looking at replacement machines online with good reviews and a warranty, so he wouldn’t get caught out like this again. The only problem might be his credit rating – he’d defaulted on a small personal loan a year ago, and didn’t want to apply for another only to be rejected as that wouldn’t help his profile.

A friend suggested City Finance – she’d heard they can often help in cases like this, and are really open about how everything works.

Erik went straight to the City Finance website to check it out, and sure enough, he found everything simple and transparent. He needed a new washing machine before his next payday, so he decided to apply there and then for a cash advance.

The next day, Erik had the money in his account to buy a decent washer-dryer, and have it delivered and installed by the weekend. His agreed loan repayments were manageable over a couple of months, and there’d be no more hauling his son’s cricket kit to the laundromat.