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Finance for car registrations

Sharon gets back from a wonderful holiday overseas to find a stack of unopened mail waiting for her. There’s a collection of bills, including one from the Roads and Maritime Services, advising that her car registration is up for renewal.

Sharon indulged a little while overseas, putting a couple of activities and souvenirs on her credit card, thinking she’d just have to cut back a little when she got home to pay it off. She’d completely forgotten her car would need its registration renewing, and that she’d have to buy at least six months’ worth of CTP insurance in order to keep driving legally.

Rather than panic, she considers her options and tries to think logically. She calls her gas and electric providers to request extensions on those bills, which are approved.

She calls her credit card company to see if she can extend her limit but her request is refused. She then jumps online and comes across City Finance, and picks up the phone to speak to her nearest branch. After a quick consultation, she can borrow the money she needs to get her car roadworthy − and has an affordable repayment plan she can keep up to.