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No such thing as free parking

Unbelievable. Five parking fines in a month, racking up to a pretty painful $600. The first one – maybe two – Louis can just about stomach. They were totally his fault and he was way over the time limit. But the others make him feel he was being targeted! Not much he can do, though. He just has to pay them – or start using public transport.

Even with 28 days to pay the first fine, Louis knows finances will be tight for a while. But he asks his bank for a loan, they tell him his credit profile isn’t great. So he decides to look elsewhere, and a quick Google brings up City Finance, which has a new branch nearby. On his way home from work – taking great care to find a decent parking space – Louis pops in to the branch, where Emily listens to his story and helps him find the best City Finance option for his predicament.

Emily explains everything clearly and makes sure Louis understands his loan agreement and his repayment schedule, and then arranges for a short-term to go into his account the following morning.

Louis leaves feeling much calmer and in control of his finances, and pays all his fines the next day. Now he knows how much he’s paying back each month, he can budget more easily and focus on enjoying the day-to-day.