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Loans for school fees

Dave and Tara were thrilled their son Ben had secured a place at a really good high school nearby. He was a bright kid, and this was a great opportunity to get a really good education. And hopefully he’d make lots of new friends as the family had just moved to a new area.

So when he came home one day and asked if he could go on a week-long camping trip with the school over Easter, they said ‘of course!’ Ben was over the moon, and so were Dave and Tara… until they got the finer details of how much it would cost, and a list of things he would need!

Moving home had squeezed the family finances, so it was going to be tough to pay for Ben’s trip all in one go unless they found some kind of loan to cover it. But they’d pretty much maxed out with the bank, what with buying a bigger home and paying for all the things that needed doing before they could move in. Ideally, they’d get a simple, quick-to-arrange loan so they could pay the school and take Ben shopping for some camping gear.

After searching online they found City Finance – open to lending to non-conforming borrowers, clear and straightforward, and with flexible payment terms. Dave used the handy online calculator, and called them the next day. The lender helped him find a short-term loan to suit the family’s circumstances, explaining everything clearly and providing reassurance about the repayment terms they’d chosen.

In turn, Ben had an amazing Easter trip, making new friends and experiencing new things. It was great to see the excitement on his face when they dropped him off at the school with all his new gear!