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Unexpected phone bills

For two weeks or more, Jay had been talking at great length to the girl he met in Perth when working as an electrician on a short contract. He usually called her, spends hours on the phone talking and tried to make plans to see her again. But eventually the calls started going straight to answerphone.

To make matters worse, he then received an enormous phone bill – way more than he expected. How? He called his provider, and they said he’d been calling a mobile overseas. She’d gone on holiday and not said anything.

So as well as feeling a bit sheepish about being fizzled out after a short fling, Jay now had to figure out how to pay his astronomical phone bill. He couldn’t afford to pay it in one go, or to be cut off – he needed to be contactable for future work.

Working on unpredictable contracts meant Jay couldn’t prove a monthly income, and he’d changed address three times in the last year and a half so he assumed most lenders won’t be able to help. But he heard about City Finance opening a new branch nearby, so the next morning he popped in and asked a few questions.

Eleanor gives Jay the answer he was hoping for. She explained everything clearly and arranged a cash advance to cover his phone bill and tide him over until he gets paid. She really put his mind at ease, and it was good to know he could pay the loan balance off in one go when he gets paid – if he wants to. He just had to remember not to be so keen next time he meets someone.