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Borrowing for vet bills

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Fiona had just opened her own café – something she’d always wanted to do. She was coping fine financially until, two weeks in, her beloved dog Rusty was hit by a car.

She rushed him to the nearest vet hospital. Rusty’s injuries were severe. Fiona was given a choice, but she couldn’t bear to have him put down – he’d been her most loyal companion for eight years. And with the stress of the new business weighing on her mind, she didn’t think she could cope with losing him.

The vets were able to save his life, but the accident left Rusty with broken back legs that needed screws and metal plates put in.

Fiona was distraught, and the vet bills piled up. She closed the café for a few days, and the loss of income only added to the stress. One day, driving home from the hospital, she passed a City Finance branch. She’d never taken out a small loan before, but thought it couldn’t hurt to talk to someone face to face about the possibility.

Chris was sympathetic and understanding, and talked to Fiona about her options. Within 24 hours she had the money she needed to pay for Rusty’s bills – and peace of mind about the repayment plan he’d tailored for her. Everything went from looking completely out of control, to suddenly much more manageable.