5 Ways to Spend $5000 Cash!

You could be our lucky winner – how would you splurge your cash prize? Start dreaming today!

Wait – where are you going to get $5000 cash, I hear you ask? Easy – from City Finance!

Take advantage of our fast, friendly service and apply for a quick cash loan today. Need some extra cash to help pay some unexpected bills, treat yourself to that special little something, or consolidate your debts? Apply and be approved for your loan by the 31st October 2015, and you’ll go in the draw to win an extra $5000 cash – no strings attached! That’s a huge $5000 cash bonus, on top of your loan amount, and the odds of winning are fab – much better than winning Lotto!

So apply for your fast cash loan today, and start dreaming of how you’d spend your $5000 cash bonus if you’re our lucky winner…

  1. Holiday dreaming

Go cruising….or skiing….or lie by the pool at that fancy island resort you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever your dream destination, you’ll be able to jump on the phone to the travel agent and make it a reality. Pack your bags!

  1. Party, party, party!

Celebrate your new-found fortune with all your nearest and dearest. Splash the cash (because you can!) and book the caterers, waiters, DJ and entertainment, stock up on the finest champagnes, wine and beers, and host the party to end all parties! And the best part – you’ll have enough cash to book cleaners for the next day, so you won’t even have to worry about cleaning up afterwards!

If hitting the town is more your style – then do it, in style! Book a stretch Hummer for you and all your mates, head for a night out at all those fancy places you’ve always wanted to go, and paint the town red! (Just be sure to tell your mates that it’s their shout next time!)

  1. Go on a shopping spree!

Ever wanted to be able to walk into all of your favourite stores and say “I’ll take that, and that, and that…”? Well just imagine, with your $5000 winnings, you could! From clothes and shoes to sporting goods and electrical appliances, from toys and games to jewellery and furniture – whatever takes your fancy! Grab that big screen TV and surround sound system, those dazzling diamond earrings, or a whole new summer wardrobe. The options are limitless – start writing your shopping list now!

  1. Do up your digs

Whether you have a mortgage or are renting, there’s always things that need doing around your home, and never enough cash. Make the most of your $5000 winnings and cross them off your list! Buy that new lounge and dining setting you’ve been wanting for ages, tackle that much needed bathroom renovation, or get a new outdoor setting, pool or play equipment for the kids just in time for summer. Whatever needs doing around your home, look forward to being able to get it done, fast!

  1. Be a sensible saver

Yeah, yeah, we know – boring, right? But if your biggest dream is a deposit on a house, a brand new car or a huge home renovation, why not tuck that $5000 cash safely away, add to it whenever you can and watch your savings grow – your bigger dreams will be a reality before you know it!

So what are you waiting for? Apply for your fast cash loan by 31st October 2015, and you could be our lucky $5000 winner. Good luck!