Cash Hacks- How to save on your next shopping spree

The number one money waster in Australia is clothes and shoes with Australian’s spending $23.2 billion a year on shopping for the latest fashions.

Here are some great tips to cut down on your next shopping spree!

  • Never look past op-shops and local markets for some fabulous second hand finds


  • Make a wish list of new clothing items you love and try to hold out for stocktake or end-of-season sales when they will be slashed down to a fraction of the original price


  • Sign up to receive promotional emails and discount codes to your favourite stores- they often send their mailing lists exclusive deals that are not available to the general public


  • Before you buy that new top, make sure you can think of at least three other things in your wardrobe that you could wear it with. This ensures that you will get plenty of wear out of your purchase!


  • Always check the tags to make sure you can wash the clothes yourself to avoid any crazy dry cleaning bills in the future.


  • Buy your basics from cheap, generic brands, because no one’s going to know if your plain white t-shirt is from Target or Calvin Klein.


  • Don’t just buy something because it’s on sale. The discount is only going to be worth it if you will definitely wear the item.


  • Join a swap/sell group on Facebook. This is a great way to pick up some great bargains and a chance to sell some of your old clothes too.


  • Need a cute dress just for the night? Don’t go shopping, borrow one from a friend! If you know you won’t wear it more than once or twice then don’t waste money on a brand new dress. Ask your close friends if they have something that would suit the occasion.