Cheap ways to beat the heat!

Cool off without splashing your cash

If you’re feeling extra tired and cranky this morning, you’re not alone. After the hottest December day in 11 years yesterday, Sydney has just sweltered through one of its hottest ever December nights. At 6am this morning it was still 27 degrees! So most Sydney-siders got little sleep, and certainly no reprieve from the heat. And it was little better in most other capital cities, with temperatures soaring above 33 degrees in Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra yesterday.

And unfortunately the heat is set to continue, with Sydney expecting a high of 38 degrees for today. Ugh! So, how to beat the heat – without busting the bank?

Here’s some top ways to cool off, without splashing too much of your precious Christmas cash!

At home

  • Keep your blinds and curtains closed to stop the sun beating in and adding to the heat indoors.
  • And once the air outside seems warmer than it already is inside, close your windows.
  • If you’ve got external shades or shutters, pull them closed too.
  • Appliances produce heat, and you could do without any more of that! So minimise the use of lights, dishwashers and cooking.
  • Remember that heat rises – if you’ve got a two storey house, stay downstairs.

Chill yourself out

  • Stay hydrated! Drink lots of cool water, and remember to give children and pets lots of water too.
  • Make your own refreshing fruit icy poles or frozen yoghurt – this pineapple and coconut frozen yoghurt is delicious and guaranteed to help cool you down!
  • Soak your feet in a bucket of cold water. Ahhhh!
  • Fill a plastic spray bottle with water and pop it in the fridge. Give yourself a cooling spray every now and then.
  • Even better – sit in front of a fan and spray yourself. Just as good as air-conditioning, at a fraction of the cost!
  • Just remember to switch fans off when you’re not in the room, as this just wastes electricity, and cash!
  • A fun way to cool the kids down is to freeze a few plastic toys or cars in an ice cream container of water. They’ll have loads of fun helping to rescue them, and enjoy cooling off as the ice melts.

Out and about

  • Need to do your groceries or finish off your Christmas shopping? Days like these are perfect for seeking refuge in an air-conditioned shopping centre! Just remember to keep an eye on your cash and contain your spending.
  • Or head to the library – a perfect, air-conditioned and relaxing spot to beat the heat, and a good spot for the kids too.
  • Wherever you’re headed, if you’re outdoors be sure to apply lots of sunscreen and a hat, and carry a bottle of cold water with you.

So, how hot is it where you are today? How do you plan to beat the heat