Dental dollars are here to stay!

People power gives us something to smile about

  • Late last year we were all pretty annoyed about the government’s decision to scrap the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.
  • This invaluable Medicare scheme saw children in eligible families receive $1000 worth of free dental care every two years.
  • The government were planning to wrap up the scheme from 31 December 2016, leaving many Aussies families without free dental care.

Well, here’s something to grin about!

In a win for people power – this wonderful scheme has been saved!

  • The pollies have given in to public pressure and agreed to maintain the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.
  • In response to public concerns the government initially agreed to keep the scheme, but reduce the amount of cover per child from $1000 to $700 across a two year period.
  • However they’ve since done a complete backflip.
  • The scheme has been saved and the previous benefit amount of $1000 for each child remains.

Are you kids eligible for dental dollars?

Many people don’t know about this scheme. Your children could be missing out on thousands of dollars worth of dental care!

If you:

  • receive Family Tax Benefit Part A or Parenting Payment
  • have a child aged between 2 and 17 who is covered by Medicare,
  • or receive any of the Centrelink payments listed here,

then chances are your child has $1000 in available dental benefits.

What can your dental dollars be used for?

The Child Dental Benefits Scheme provides up to $1000 for your child’s dental treatment every two years, including

  • examinations
  • X-rays
  • cleaning
  • fissure sealing
  • fillings
  • root canals
  • extractions

Check if you’re eligible today – and jump on the phone to book your child’s next dental check-up!