A dozen DIY ways to show Mum your love

Quick, easy photo gifts you can make in a flash

  • You owe your Mum a lot. Apart from all the love, hugs and hot meals she’s given you over the years, she’s the reason you’re here in the first place!
  • Instead, Mum loves gifts that are home made with love – and they’re perfect when you’re on a low income or a tight budget.

So, put yourself in the picture! Surprise Mum with these great photo DIY gift ideas.

  1. The way to Mum’s heart…is with cake! Bake her a cake and top it off with Mum’s favourite family photo. It’s fast and easy to turn your photo into edible icing. Try Custom Icing, Lollipop Cake Supplies or search online for other suppliers near you.
  2. Make sure Mum thinks of you every hour of the day with this fun photo wall clock. Select 12 pictures that celebrate Mum and your family, and arrange them around a basic wall clock. You’ll have it done in no time (geddit?!), especially if you skip the part about making your own clock, and grab a ready-made one, like this one from Kmart.
  3. Smile at Mum from the bottom of her wine glass! Most Mums have some tough days where they long for that lovely glass of wine once the kids are tucked into bed. Now she can see your happy, loving face smiling up at her from the depths of her chardonnay! Follow the simple tutorial here, and give Mum the giggles!
  4. Or create a fun set of family photo coasters. Mum will always have a smiling friendly face to rest her cuppa on!
  5. Puzzle Mum’s day by creating a jigsaw out of her favourite family photo. You can craft your own, or perhaps make one on your computer with the help of some handy software. If all else fails, you can order a custom made version through retailers like Harvey Norman and Big W.
  6. Tell Mum to can it. Actually – better not! But she’ll love it if you present her with a can or jar of her favourite soup or jam, with your face as the label. Two gifts in one, right?!
  7. Make it snow! Gifts don’t come much simpler than this gorgeous photo snow globe. Slide in one of Mum’s favourite photos of you, and you’re done! Grab one online or from your nearest Big W store or local stockist.
  8. Mum will be styling in these sunnies. Turn a pair of novelty sunglasses into a fun and unique photo frame, and brighten up Mum’s day.
  9. Create a family album that will make Mum flip out – in a good way! This unique flip-flap photo album is a fun and funky twist on those boring traditional albums. It’s quick and easy to make too! All you need are Mum’s 12 favourite family snaps and some coloured paper. She’ll flip for it!
  10. Go mobile. Make Mum a cool mobile or wall hanging using some treasured family photos, and some themed treasures to match.
  11. Colour Mum’s world with a stained glass window. Transform old family slides or your favourite Instagram snaps into a display that will adorn Mum’s glass window or door. Follow the simple instructions here, and prepare to dazzle Mum – and everyone else! – with your creative brilliance!
  12. Pop yourself on Mum’s fridge – instead of in it, for a change! Turn fun photos of you and your family into cute and handy fridge magnets for Mum. Jump online to Photobox, TinyMe or pop into Harvey Norman or Big W.