Earn cash without cutting your Centrelink benefits

Top up your cash with some seasonal work

When you’re on Centrelink benefits it can tough to have enough cash to get by. And even if you get the occasional opportunity to do a bit of casual work and earn some extra money, this can reduce your Centrelink payments by so much that it’s not really worth it.

And right now, you’re able to earn up to $5000 cash from certain work, without affecting your Centrelink payments.

What kind of work?

  • Hate the thought of being stuck indoors or behind a desk? Then this deal is perfect for you!
  • The government are keen to increase the number of workers in seasonal horticultural fields (pun intended!).
  • So they’ve announced a Seasonal Worker Incentives
  • Under this trial, people who are receiving Centrelink benefits and looking for work will be able to earn cash through seasonal horticultural work – without their Centrelink payments being cut.

Who’s eligible to earn this extra cash?

  • Anyone who’s looking for a job and has been receiving Newstart or Youth Allowance for 3 months or longer.
  • You’ll then just need to tee up the details with your employment service provider, and tick the following boxes:
    • First, you’ll need to get your employment service provider to register you for the Seasonal Worker Incentives
    • You’ll then need to be earning cash doing eligible seasonal work
    • This work must be with a farmer, or through a business who provides work to farmers for their harvesting.

When does this start?

How much can I earn without impacting my Centrelink payments?

  • You can earn up to $5000 a year through seasonal horticultural work without your earnings impacting your Centrelink payments.
  • And if your work is more than 120 kilometres from your usual home you could claim another $300 cash through the ‘Seasonal Work Living Away and Travel Allowance’ payment.

What’s the catch?

  • Unfortunately, the sky isn’t the limit here. There’s a cap on how much you can earn before your Centrelink payments will be reduced.
  • Once you earn more than $5000 in a year through seasonal horticultural work, the extra earnings will affect your Centrelink benefits.
  • First come, first served – only the first 3,800 participants registered in each financial year will be eligible.

Want more info?

Keep an eye out here for more info as the end of the trial is close!