Dad deserves a different kind of Father’s Day.

How does Father’s Day manage to surprise us… every… single… year? It always falls on the first Sunday in September, but every year we leave the planning and pressies to the last minute. Well, if you’re fresh out of inspiration, skip the ‘Presents Dad Will Love’ lists (that he never does), and organise a more thoughtful day he will never forget.

Simple, thoughtful and personal.

Part of the problem with Father’s Day these days is that it’s all got a bit same-y. The same choice of cards. The same gift ideas (socks & jocks, anyone?). And lots of cheesy advertising featuring some bloke who bears no resemblance to the special Dad in your life. So this year, why not expand your horizons and create a Dad’s day experience instead?

Give Dad some well deserved downtime.

When you stop to think how much Dad actually does around the place, a break is probably well overdue, isn’t it? So you could start his special day by taking on some of his household chores. By offering to mow the lawns, clear the yard or wash the car, you give him a chance to relax with his feet up without worrying about what else he should be doing.

Make a meal for him this year.

Going out for a meal is a big part of Father’s Day in lots of households – but it’s not compulsory. If your Dad would prefer a barbie in the back yard and the company of his nearest and dearest, then that’s what you should do. Of course, if he does prefer to go out, make sure it’s to somewhere he will love (even if it’s not your fave place). Today, it’s all about him!

Show off your artistic ability.

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so if there are any talented young artists in your family, Father’s Day is the ideal time to show it. A homemade card or painting from the kids will mean the world to Dad and will linger in the memory long after a store-brought card has been forgotten.

Go on a Dad date.

Spending quality time with Dad while doing something he enjoys is a simple way to show how much he means to you. It might be a trip to the footy, a few hours of potting and planting in the garden, or a gentle bush walk. The activity doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you’re building the day around what’s important to him.

No right or wrong way to celebrate.

Every dad is different, and you will know best what kind of day the Dad in your life will enjoy. Just remember, that there’s more than one way to show that you love him this Father’s Day – and some of them won’t cost you a cent. Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make the biggest impact!