Fathers Day on a budget

There are plenty of Father’s Day gifts out there that are expensive and extravagant. But, when there’s a tight budget to consider, there are still gift options that will make Dad happy this year. Here are 10 ideas to help decide on the perfect (and cheap) Father’s Day gift:

  1. Poker Night

Plan a night of card-playing with the family by purchasing poker chips and plenty of snacks and creating a poker-night kit. To keep this experience inexpensive, play with quarters or pieces of candy. A simple and inexpensive way to have a fun Father’s Day celebration with Dad doing something he loves without going overboard on the budget.

  1. Scrapbook

scrapbook is the perfect gift for showcasing memories with Dad and showing him how special he is without breaking the bank. Fill up pages together with creative mementos from the past that represent the relationship – ticket stubs, pictures, letters, articles.

  1. Movie night

No more running to the store for a movie. Buy Dad a streaming service device like Netflix, Apple TV, and enjoy a Father’s Day movie night Dad will always remember. Movie nights are a great way to make a memory without spending too much this year.

  1. Home-cooked meal

Some dads love to cook and others avoid it entirely. Purchase him a cookbook that appeals to his tastes, and cook one of the meals within to whet his appetite. There’s nothing that says “I love you Dad” like a homemade meal of his choice, and it’s a gift that requires time, thought (and a little skill), but not a lot of money.

  1. Homemade cards

Nothing says Happy Father’s Day like a card that’s handmade. At any age, creating a card from scratch is a meaningful way to show Dad the appreciation he deserves. Break out some art supplies – pencils, paintfabric – whatever is necessary to make a heartfelt card – and don’t forget to leave room for a thoughtful message.

  1. Hand-knit socks

For his feet or even for his golf club heads, a hand-knit sock is a gift that has everything – meaning and practicality. It’s a great, inexpensive and sentimental alternative to an old Father’s Day gift favourite.

  1. Gift basket

A gift basket is a clever, unique way to give dad the things that make him happy. Fill it with his favourite little things – savoury snacks, candy, Sudoku, small headphones, a puzzle, pictures of the kids. By the time the basket it full, it will already be the perfect Father’s Day gift without overspending.

  1. Framed poetry

A poem about dad from the kids can be a meaningful gift this Father’s Day. To make it even more special, add a decorative frame or matte. Make it a piece of art for him to hang on his wall or display on his dresser. It may take a little time and planning, but not a lot of cash.

  1. Homemade shaving cream

To give him a special shave, day in and day out, homemade shaving cream is the perfect gift. All that’s necessary to purchase are the essential oils, herbs or scents to be included in the shaving cream mixture and a jar to keep it in. It’s a gift that puts a personal touch on an old Father’s Day classic.