Need a cheap weekend in Newcastle?

Socialising on a budget in Newcastle

You don’t have to miss out on fun with friends when you’re not flash with cash. Here’s some low budget ideas for kicking back with your mates for a cheap weekend in Newcastle.

Cheap eats in Newcastle

You don’t have to skip dining out when you can’t splash the cash.

  • There’s a few great cheap eats around Newcastle where you and your mates can enjoy a fun and tasty meal together, even on a budget.
  • Local cheap eats include Newcastle’s Honeysuckle Hotel and the Mereweather Surfhouse, who do $10 and $15 pizzas every day.
  • Or why not give the Fortune Bistro at Souths Mereweather a try. They’ve got a budget-busting dining special for every night of the week, including an $11 Sunday roast.

Boozing on a budget

You can still enjoy a few drinks without having to splash too much cash for a cheap weekend in Newcastle.

  • Head to your favourite Newcastle local to get your night started early. The drinks are often cheaper earlier in the night, when you can hopefully grab a happy hour special and a few cheap cocktails.
  • Head to the Cardiff RSL or the Mayfield Ex-Services Club you can save the cab fare home by catching the free courtesy bus instead.

Fitness with friends

Catching up with friends doesn’t have to be all about eating and drinking – why not combine socialising with a workout?

Get trivial on your next cheap weekend in Newcastle

A night of Trivia at your local pub has something for everyone on your next cheap weekend in Newcastle.

  • Whether you’re a general knowledge whizz or can’t stand quizzes – it’s all about the fun and banter of hanging out with your mates and enjoying a few laughs.
  • You don’t have to be an expert on current affairs or international politics. Pub trivia is more about pop culture – the music, sports, celebrities and TV shows that you love.
  • So grab a gang of friends and head to one of these Newcastle pub trivia nights that run every week.
  • It’s a fabulous, fun and free way to get together for a few laughs and pick up a few fun facts along the way. Who knows – you could even win a cash prize!

Head to the flicks for next to nix

Going to the cinema can cost a small fortune – but it doesn’t have to.

  • We’re not talking about limiting your options to Cheap Tuesday.
  • Cheap movie tickets to Hoyts Charlestown or Tower Cinemas Newcastle are just a click away if you’re an Optus or a Telstra customer, or an NRMA
  • Register now for movie savings with Optus Perks or Telstra Thanks.
  • Then grab your cheap tickets, grab some mates and check out the latest movies.
  • But ditch the expensive candy bar snacks – swing by the supermarket on your way in to grab a few treats for just a few dollars.

So, how are you catching up with your mates this week in Newcastle? Share your free and cheap ideas!