Rental trends in the Midland area

Looking for a new rental home? Our guide to the current market will help you put your best foot forward.

If you’re looking for a new rental home in Midland, we’ve got some good news. Rental demand in this area is currently less than half of the average for Western Australia, which is great news for house hunters when budgets are tight and every dollar counts.

Each new online property listing in the Midland area has less than half the number of visits for the average for Western Australia, which is great news as it means a little less competition when it comes to those hectic Open For Inspection visits and when lodging your rental application.

You still need to do your homework!

This doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily find it easy to find your new rental home. But it is good news, as it means there’s less competition than in some other areas.

  • You’ll still need to ensure you put your best foot forward when looking for your new home, so do your homework.
  • Keep a keen eye on the latest rental listings, and talk to your local Property Managers about your needs so they can let you know if the right place pops up.

Tip: If you notice a property has been advertised or vacant for a while, don’t be afraid to try and negotiate on the rent.

How much rent can you expect to pay?

Here’s a snapshot of current median rental prices in Midland, as at May 2016.


Average rent per week


1 bedroom average per week 2 bedroom average per week 3 bedroom average per week 4 bedroom average per week
Unit  $340 $270 $320 $370
House  $350 $310 $350 $425


Demand is higher in some other suburbs around Midland though, so if you’re looking for a new home it can pay to choose your suburb carefully as you can make some big savings on rent.

  • Demand in Guildford, for example, is more than 3 times the average for Western Australia.
  • And in Bellevue demand is around 25% higher than the state average, and in Viveash it’s 5% higher than average.

In areas where demand is higher, rents will be higher.

  • For example, here’s a snapshot of how current median rental prices for compare in Midland, Guildford and Viveash.
3 bedroom average per week 4 bedroom average per week
House in Midland $350 $425
House in Viveash $385 $480
House in Guilford $480

So do your research, as the weekly savings you could make in rent by choosing a cheaper suburb could add a lot of extra cash to your weekly budget.

Looking for a new rental home? Check out some of the latest listings in Midland, Bellevue, Jane Brook, Viveash, Beechboro and Hazelmere.

Get your application organised so you’re ready to go

Don’t wait until you find the perfect home before getting everything ready for your rental application – you could lose precious time and find someone has nabbed it before you!

  • Prepare copies of your photo identification, any references you might have from past landlords, financial statements and recent payslips, and references for any pets you have.
  • A big plus is a copy of the rental ledger from your current or previous home, as this clearly demonstrates your reliability as a paying tenant.

City Finance can help you with fast cash for your rental bond and moving expenses

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