So school’s out – what’s next?

Uni is just one of many options for those who’ve finished high school

Yee ha – you’ve finally finished school! So, now what? As thousands of students around Australia received their final high school results last week, many were left pondering the question – what’s next?

While many students hope to receive an OP or ATAR score high enough to get them into a University degree, some will miss out – and for many, uni isn’t on their radar at all. Going to uni isn’t for everyone – there are loads of other options out there for school leavers looking to take the next step.

Is uni really right for you?

  • A few lucky school leavers know exactly what they want to do next, and happily move onto undertaking a uni degree.
  • But many students stumble along to uni simply because they presume it’s the right thing to do, or in the absence of a better plan.
  • These students often face high drop-out rates because they’re not really suited to uni or their course.
  • So before you stumble into a degree that’s not right for you, stop and think about some of your other options.

So what are your other options?

Uni isn’t the only option for those who want to continue their learning and training.

Vocational training

This is a great way to get skills and training across a wide variety of industries including trade and office work, retail, hospitality and technology – without having to go to uni.

Or get paid while you train!

Want to take the fast lane into full time work?

Further training and study not for you? If you’re ready to dive into a full time job, start your search today!

  • Take the Job Outlook Quiz to help determine what sort of industry and job is right for you.
  • You can also use the Occupation Search to get heaps of handy info on over 350 job types, covering expected salary, employment prospects, and links to job vacancies.
  • Get your CV and all-important cover letter ready so you can really sell yourself and score that all important interview. You’ll find some great tips and advice here.
  • Then scour sites like Seek and JobSearch to find your dream job!

Or go for a gap year!

  • If you don’t know what you want to do next – or you do but just want to take a break first – then why not go and explore the globe!
  • You could even do some work or volunteering overseas to make the most of your experience.
  • Get inspired – visit sites like Real Gap Experience and Student Travel Australia to start planning your overseas adventure today!

Whatever your next move – remember, there’s no right or wrong. Take the time to investigate your options.

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