Think you’re too broke to travel?

9 amazing tips and tricks for seeing the world when you have no cash

Got a travel dream – but no cash to pay for it? Travelling can be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be!

There are some pretty incredible ways to get around the globe without needing a stack of cash.

Here’s 9 tips and tricks that will see you travel the world on next to nothing

  1. Stalk the web for the best airfare deals
  • Chances are you know about all the online airfare sites – think Webjet, Cheapoair, Skyscanner, Cheapflights.
  • Sign up to their newsletters so the best deals and flash sales shoot straight to your inbox. You can jump on them before those extra-cheap limited seats sell out!
  1. Have friends in useful places
  • Mate’s rates are the BEST! If you haven’t got a buddy working at an airline – try to make one!
  • They can get some awesome ‘Family and Friends’ discounts that can save you a fortune.
  1. Book the dodgy flights
  • You know – the ones you have to get up at 3am to be at the airport for. Or the one with the 6 hour stop-over.
  • If saving cash is more important than saving time, book the super-early or long flights that no-one else wants.
  1. Ditch the return leg
  • Here’s a nifty trick.  If you’re flying to a few different destinations in one trip, it’s sometimes cheaper to buy a round trip. Just ditch the return leg.
  • Look for airline specials on round trips that are cheaper than a one-way fare. Then just plan to use the outbound flight only.
  1. Voluntourism
  • Volunteer your skills in exchange for visiting and experiencing some amazing places around the world.
  • Explore sites like Projects Abroad, Go Overseas, Cultural Care to learn more about how you can live overseas, for free!
  1. Free accommodation!
  • Consider house sitting your way around the world and enjoy the comforts of home while you’re travelling.
  • There are plenty of reputable house sitting websites you can register with. Check out Trusted House Sitters, Mind My House or House Carers.
  1. Swap houses with others who want to travel too
  1. Sail the seas
  • Check out Work On Boats to explore the world of opportunity that lies out on the seas.
  1. Hit the road for less
  • Need a car for a road trip? Skip the expensive hire car options.
  • Check out sites like TransferCar, a relocation service for the car hire companies who need vehicles moved to certain locations.
  • They offer super cheap car rental in exchange for you driving the car where they need it to go.

So, there you have it – your travel dreams can cost a lot less than you think – get packing! If you need to borrow extra funds for your trip, talk to City Finance today or apply online now!