Travel the world for free!

Secrets and tips from someone who does

Sick of gazing longingly at glossy travel brochures and suffering through other people’s holiday happy snaps? Got a burning desire to explore the globe, but think there’s no way you could ever afford it? Think again!

If you think a lack of cash is holding your travel plans back, then we’ve got some good news for you. Empty out your piggy bank to scrape together enough money for your airfare, then we can show you how you can live all around the world – wherever you choose! – without paying a cent for accommodation.

Yep, apparently it’s possible! Author and travel blogger Nora Dunn has been travelling the world for over 10 years now, and has some tips we could all use.

Top 5 tips for free accommodation – all around the world

  1. Volunteer

Got some skills you could exchange for free room and board?

  • Can you cook, childmind, garden, paint…? The list is endless.
  • The key is find a skill you can market to the right person – perhaps you’re a qualified child carer and want to explore Spain.
  • Explore sites like Go Overseas and Cultural Care to learn more about how you can live overseas, for free!
  1. House sit

Enjoy the comforts of home while you’re travelling – someone else’s home, that is!

  1. Sail the seas

Enjoy the ocean? Why not live on a boat!

  1. Couch surfing

Formally known as ‘hospitality exchanges’, this is essential embracing the hospitality of a local, and crashing out on their couch (or if you’re lucky, their spare room).

  • Word of mouth is often the best way to come across these opportunities.
  • Use any local connections you have – and social media – to get the word out.
  1. House swaps

Got a home base of your own? Negotiate a swap!

So, get packing! With a little out of the box thinking, you CAN start living your travel dream today!