$2,500 Loan

Apply for a small cash loan in 3 simple steps!

We are always upfront and transparent about our costs – no hidden fees or charges.

Are you experiencing stress over an expense that you don’t have the funds to pay? You don’t have to! The solution is as easy as taking out a $2500 loan with City Finance.

Many people become overwhelmed at the thought of taking out a loan. After all, there’s an extensive application process, long wait time and confusing terms and conditions, right? While this can certainly be the case with some lenders, it’s not true at City Finance.

Needing money is stressful, so we believe the process of acquiring the funds should eliminate this stress, not add more. We offer unsecured loans quickly from start to finish. The application process for our loans takes just a matter of minutes, our assessors are fast, and minimal documentation is required. Plus, we outline any fees and charges clearly, so that you’re never hit with any unexpected costs.

At City Finance we focus on loans, and loans only, so we’ve worked hard to streamline our borrowing process and make it as quick and simple as possible. In fact, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, as you can see below.


To apply for a loan with City Finance, you’ll need to fill in an online application form, which you can find here. The application is simple and you’ll just be required to select the amount you’d like to borrow and the repayment time, as well as fill in some personal information and send proof of identity.


Once we receive the information from you, someone from our team will call you to confirm your application details. If your application is approved, we’ll send you an email confirming the approval. We’ll also get your bank details so we can send over the money.


Once you’ve been approved, you should receive the money by the end of the day. However, most customers receive the money even sooner. From here you’ll be able to spend the money on what you please – and you will just need to meet the contracted repayments (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

Am I eligible to apply for a $2500 loan?

We aim to help as many Aussie as possible, and have approved thousands and thousands of loans. So, even if you’re not considered the perfect candidate for a loan (e.g. bad credit, self employed or low income) then we can probably still approve your application. We are known for having flexible lending criteria.

As long as you are aged 18+, have sort sort of regular income and can provide a few pieces of supporting documentation, then you’re probably eligible for a quick cash loan with us.

Below is more detailed information on what exactly is required to apply for a $2,500 personal loan with us.

  1. A copy of your ID
  2. A short application form with details such as your address and phone number
  3. Proof that you are receiving some sort of income (this can be a salary or Centrelink payments)
  4. 90-day history of bank transactions

If you’re unsure of your eligibility please feel free to reach out to our customer service here.

Is a credit check required for a $2500 personal loan?

Yes, we run credit checks for all of our new customers. However, if you have a less than perfect credit score, there’s still a good chance we can approve your loan.

While we do run credit checks for all new customers, if you are an existing customer with City Finance, then we may be able to approve your application without a credit check. By removing a credit check form the approval process, the time the loan takes to process is sped up considerably. You can find out more about our no credit check loans here.

If you’re not familiar with what exact a credit check is, let us break down the basics.

A credit score is a figure that’s produced from a credit check that’s ran by lenders for potential new clients. Each person has a credit score (unless they’ve never borrowed money before), and this figure reflects whether the person is high risk (low credit score) or low risk (high credit score), to meet their repayments on time and pay back the amount they borrowed from the financial institution.

If a person has had late or missed payments in the past, their score will be dragged down. If a person has a good history of meeting their payments on time, and paying off loans in full, then they will have a higher credit score. Some banks automatically decline a loan if an applicants score is below a certain number.

In Australia, credit scores sit between zero (being the lowest possible score) and 1000 (being the highest). The below credit rating key gives an indication of how credit scores are judged:

0 – 549: Very Poor

550 – 624: Poor

625 – 699: Fair

700 – 799: Good

800 – 1000: Excellent

While we do run credit checks for new customers, we can often approve loans to customers with a poor or bad credit score.

Will you consider applications from people with a bad credit rating?

Yes, we absolutely consider applications from people with bad credit, and in a lot of cases, we approve them. At City Finance we believe that just because someone has had a bad experience in the past with their finances, doesn’t mean that they still need to be punished for it years later.

Unlike other most lenders, we don’t base our decision solely on an applicants credit score. Instead, we take the time to understand your personal circumstances. Everyone who submits a loan application at City Finance with receive a call from one of our friendly team members. If your credit score is less than perfect, then the representative will discuss why this happened, and ask you about your current circumstances. They will then work with you to figure out a loan amount and loan terms that you can comfortably meet.

While some banks and financial institutions will automatically deny an application if a potential borrower’s credit score is bad. We dig much deeper. In many cases we can approve your loan application as is, and if this isn’t possible, we can help figure out an alternative plan so that you can get the funds you need, quickly.

What can I use a $2500 loan for?

A small personal loan can be used for basically anything, but here are some examples of why you may need one.


At some time or another, almost everyone will face an emergency expense that they need to pay immediately. Whether this matter is medical, a home emergency or an overly high utilities bill, some things just can’t wait. If you’re faced with a bill or cost that you can’t afford, you can take out a cash loan with us and pay the balance back gradually.

Read more about our emergency loans.

Dental Loans

Visiting the dentist is expensive and, frankly, not very enjoyable! However, it’s a responsibility that no-one should ignore. Don’t let your oral health decline because the bills exceed your budget. Instead, take out a quick personal loan with us and ensure you teeth and mouth are in good health.

Read more about our dental loans.

Weekend loans

Life can get busy and stressful, so it’s important to occasionally take time out for yourself to relax and have fun. If you can’t remember the last time you did something you enjoy, then you’re probably well overdue! If it’s money matters that are stopping you from enjoying yourself, then why not take out a personal loan with us and let your hair down?

Gap bridging loans

Perhaps you’ve spent months – or even years – saving an intended amount for a big ticket item, only to realise that you’ll need additional extras in order to experience maximum enjoyment from it. For example, you may have been saving for a car, but when your purchase it, the sound system is far from perfect. Reward yourself for your hard work and take out a personal loan to cover the cost of a good stereo.

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Wedding loans

Weddings can be expensive, and more often than not, there are many last minute costs that may exceed your planned budget. Rather than compromising on your special day, why not take out a quick personal loan to cover those extra costs, and make your day perfect. To do so, you can take out a personal loan with us and pay the amount back in installments, as you can afford it, and while you bask in your pre marital glow.

Read more about our small cash loans.

Car accident loans

Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident, or your car has accrued some damage, both situations will often require a considerable sum of money. Whichever situation you find yourself in from a car accident, a loan from City Finance can help pay the expense, and get either you – or your car – looked after quickly.

Read more about our car accident loans.


Is a $2500 loan an unsecured personal loan?

Yes, all of our loans are unsecured personal loans. This means that the loan doesn’t require security in order for it to be approved. Our loans are based solely on the lenders credit score, and our belief in their ability to repay, rather than using the item they are using the loan for as collateral.

Do you charge early repayment fees?

Unlike many other loan companies, we don’t charge an early repayment fee. In fact, we pride ourselves on having no hidden fees or charges. You can find our loan term and all of our fees set out clearly here. You will also receive a loan contract that has all the terms and fees set out clearly, you’ll need to review and sign this contract before the unsecured loan has final approval.

How often do I need to make repayments?

At City Finance our loan terms are very flexible. We can tailor the loan amount to suit you, as well as the length of the loan and the frequency of loan repayments. You can choose to either make weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.

Is there a way that I can calculate my loan repayments?

Yes, we have a loan calculator which you can access here. You can adjust the loan amount and loan terms to calculate an estimated repayment amount. This amount is inclusive of interest rates and monthly fees.

How long does it take to receive the funds?

The amount of times it takes for the funds to be receive with depend on your personal circumstances, as well as your banks processing times. However, we pride ourself on approving all of our loan applications quickly, and many of our customers received money in their bank account on the same day that they applied for the unsecured personal loan.


Highly highly highly recommended City Finance to anyone. The staff are absolutely amazing and very helpful. My experience the two times I have used their services have been amazing. Thank you guys!

Lulu Millar
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I had a very easy and straight forward experience dealing with City Finance... Very much appreciated the quick flow of decision making displayed. Regards, Graeme

Graeme Austin
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Great customer service, they're happy to help out when you need it if something unexpected has happened and you need cash fast, definitely recommend and repayments are tailored to your needs.

Cassandra Dodd
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Wonderful people very friendly and helpful been with them for some time now and have never had an issue with them always have my payments on time

Pauline Arrowsmith
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City finance for fantastic. The application is still in fairly quickly within outcome usually within 24 to 48 hours. Customer service is lovely and the only company that would help me out with the loan when no other one would. Highly recommend.

Chanelle Ryan
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