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Apply for a small cash loan in 3 simple steps

Have you lost someone that you love? Secure a loan in 3 simple steps

Losing a loved one is undoubtably one of the hardest things you will experience in your life. Grieving the loss is emotionally wearing enough, and if you’re in charge of organising their funeral, the stress can be overwhelming – especially if you’re not in a place where you have the finances to honour their life is a way that you’d like.

We offer funeral loans that can be used for any related expenses to laying your loved one to rest. Whether you’re looking to pay for a large celebration of their life, an intimate burial or if you already have a savings fund and just require a small amount to bridge the costs of the funeral, then we can help. We offer loans across Australia – including BrisbaneSydneyMelbournePerth and Adelaide.

Of course, ensuring that your nearest and dearest have a send off that they deserve, is a top priority and needs to be sorted out quickly. Our team understand this, and work as quickly as possible to review and approve your application, as well as deposit the funds. In many cases, our funeral loan applicants receive the money in their bank account on the same day that they apple for a personal loan.

When you’re mourning, the thought of dealing with a long and extensive loan application can be unbearable. At City Finance, you needn’t face this. Our entire loan process is quick and simple. In fact, the whole process is as easy as 1, 2, 3, as you can see below.


To apply for a loan with City Finance, you’ll need to fill in an online application form, which you can find here. The application is simple and you’ll just be required to select the amount you’d like to borrow and the repayment time, as well as fill in some personal information and send proof of identity.


Once we receive the information from you, someone from our team will call you to confirm your application details. If your application is approved, we’ll send you an email confirming the approval. We’ll also get your bank details so we can send over the money.


Once you’ve been approved, you should receive the money by the end of the day. However, most customers receive the money even sooner. From here you’ll be able to spend the money on what you please – and you will just need to meet the contracted repayments (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

What is a funeral loan?

A funeral loan is an unsecured personal loan that can cover any costs that are related to the funeral or burial of your loved one. Because these personal loans are unsecured, it means that you won’t need to put security up or have the bank or lending institution directly pay the costs to the provider. Instead, the approved amount will be deposited directly into your bank account, and you can pay the bills or costs as you need.

These loans are very quick to apply for, and money is deposited very fast, too. Both the speed of our funeral loans, and the simple process allows some of the stress to be removed from your shoulders as you mourn the passing of someone close to you. Whether you’ve prepared yourself for a terminal death that you knew was coming, or if the passing was sudden, beraving is an emotional process, and finances shouldn’t add extra weight.

Different types of funeral loans?

At City Finance we have two different types of funeral loans available to help you commemorate your loved one’s life.

The first is a smaller loan that works well for smaller expenses, like if you need a little extra money to cover funeral costs, or if you’re considering an intimate burial. The second type of funeral loan we offer we costly treatment in mind for works well for those who have a bigger funeral to accommodate for.

Below are our two types of funeral loans:

  • A SACC (small amount credit contract)

With this type of funeral loan, you can borrow between $500 and $2,000. The cost is a 20% upfront establishment fee (split across payments) and monthly fees of 4% for maintenance.

  • A MACC (medium amount credit contract).

If you’re looking to cover costs that exceed $2,000, you can opt for a MACC. With a MACC you can loan between $2,001 and $5,000. You will be charged a flat upfront $400 establishment fee (split across payments) and a 48% annual percentage rate. With this option, there are no monthly fees for maintenance.

Am I eligible for a funeral loan?

At City Finance, we are very flexible with our lending criteria. Even if other lenders have knocked you back, there’s a good chance that we can still help. We’ve lent money to thousands of people that haven’t met the requirements elsewhere. For example, those with a bad credit history, who are on government benefits, or are newly self employed.

As long as you are aged 18 or over, can show a proof of income (this can be in the form of a job payment of government benefits) and can provide a small amount of supporting documentation, then you’re probably eligible for a loan with us. Below, we expand more on the type of supporting documentation we need in order to accept a funeral loan application.

If you’re unsure of your eligibility please feel free to reach out to our customer service here.

What supporting documents and information do we need to process your dental loan application?

At City Finance the process of applying for a funeral loan is simple. We don’t need a large amount of different documents, all we require is the following:

  1. A copy of your ID
  2. A short application form with details such as your address and phone number
  3. Proof of your income (either wages or Centrelink benefits)
  4. 90-day history of bank transactions

Why choose City Finance for a personal loan?

We move quickly

Often death can be sudden, and in a situation like that, those closest to the deceased won’t have the time to prepare financially for a funeral. And, it’s not an event that can be put off while funds are saved.

The application and approval time for our loans is very quick, as is the time it takes for the funds to be deposited into the applicants account. This means that you can receive the money quickly, so that you can pay for the necessary components for the funeral as soon as you need to.

Inclusive lending

Less than perfect lending requirements – like having a low income, being unemployed or having a bad credit history – shouldn’t rob you of the opportunity to be able to lay your loved one to rest in the way they deserve.

We lend to many applicants that may be turned away by other financial institutions with stricter lending criteria. So, if you’re looking for a funeral loan but are worried that your applicant will be denied of your history, you shouldn’t be.

Adjustable terms

We don’t do blanket loans – we’re able to adjust our terms so that it can suit your personal situation. This means you can choose a specific loan amount you need (between $500 and $5000), as well as tailor the repayment frequency and loan length, so that you can meet your payments best.

We also pride ourselves on not having any hidden fees or charges, or early exit fees – all of the terms are set out clearly in the loan contract which you will need to review and sign before final approval of your loan.

Trusted lender

When you’re mourning, you shouldn’t have to take the time to investigate different lenders to find out which is reputable. At City Finance, you’re in trusted hands. We are very well established and a leader in the lending leader. You can trust that you are borrowing from a well-known and trustworthy lender. For further clarification, check out what our customers have said about us in our glowing reviews.

Hassle-free borrowing

At City Finance, we’ve worked hard to keep things simple for our customers. When borrowing from us, you needn’t worry about repayment dates and transferring the money over. Instead, we have a direct debit system that will automatically deduct the repayment amount from your nominated bank account on it’s due date.


We know that things happen that may get in the way of you being able to meet your repayment amount on the due date – especially if the loan itself was unexpected in the first place. If this happens, we encourage our customers to reach out to one of our team members. Our staff can chat with your to figure out a contingency plan with repayment loan amounts and dates that are attainable for you.

What funeral costs can I use a personal loan for?

Funeral expenses for a small, intimate burial

When it comes to a funeral, some people are well suited to a huge happy celebration, while others would prefer a very intimate burial with only their nearest and dearest. If the funeral of your loved one falls into the latter category, then you’ll be looking for something small and understated. Everything that’s required for an intimate burial can be covered with a funeral loan, and the balance can be paid off gradually with periodic repayments as your budget can afford.

Funeral expenses for a large celebration of life

While some people prefer a small funeral, others want a large celebration of their life, where their many friends and family can say their final goodbye. A large funeral can be very expensive, but as a final wish it’s an expense that’s rightful. If you want to provide the perfect celebration for someone close to you, but don’t have the finances to cover it, a funeral loan can help.

Wake expenses

In life, everyone has different wants and desires, and the same sentiment can be carried through to their final goodbye. While some prefer to avoid a wake altogether, others see it as a way to celebrate and commemorate the joy that person bought to many people. Of course, the cost of a venue, food, drink and flowers can add up significantly. This is where a funeral loan for wake expenses can help provide the funds for a deserving wake for the deceased.


Again, funerals are a personal choice, and there are a range of different ways to lay your loved one to rest. Some people will list cremation as their wish, and desire to have their ashes left with a loved one of sprinkled somewhere significant. However, cremation is an expensive process and can costs thousands of dollars. If it’s an avenue you want to take, a funeral loan can help you afford a cremation immediately.

Gap bridging

Whether a loved ones death is sudden, or gradual, you may have some savings tucked away that are able to cover the majority of the costs for their final good bye. However, if you’re a little short on money, you shouldn’t have to compromise on their funeral by skimping on certain things. Instead, you can take out a personal loan that can bridge the gap between your savings and the total amount of the funeral.

Funeral director fees

For most funerals that are on the larger side, the help of a funeral director can make the process a lot more straight forward and less stressful. However, funeral director fees can be a significant cost. If you’re unable to afford the expense of a funeral director fee, but believe that one would be helpful, then a funeral loan can cover their fees and allow you to pay the balance back gradually in loan repayments.


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City finance for fantastic. The application is still in fairly quickly within outcome usually within 24 to 48 hours. Customer service is lovely and the only company that would help me out with the loan when no other one would. Highly recommend.

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