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We offer quick cash loans of $500 to $5,000 with flexible, customised repayments tailored to suit you. Our simple, fast and stress-free loan process can be done completely online or over the phone.

Personal loans for students

Apply for a personal student loan in 3 simple steps
  • Student loans up to $5,000
  • Fast online application & approval
  • Flexible repayment options
  • If approved – receive funds the same day!

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Repayments are indicative only and based on our assessment of your application. Minimum repayment term is 12 weeks and maximum is 52 weeks. Max APR is 48%.

As most students know, it can be very hard to juggle studies and be able to earn enough money to cover all of the associated costs. However, the importance of education shouldn’t be neglected because of financial issues. Our personal loans can help students remove the stress of taking on both work and study, and let them concentrate on their education.

Many people assume that student loans should be solely used for educational purposes. But, this isn’t the case. Our student personal loans can be used to cover the costs of anything that a student needs. This can include personal costs like groceries, rent or bills. Of course, these small loans can be used for expenses directly related to their studies as well, like textbooks and tuition fees. We offer loans across Australia – including BrisbaneSydneyMelbournePerth and Adelaide.

With our loans for students, we offer a loan amount between $500 and $5000 and offer a competitive interest rate and comparison rate. Plus, applying for our loans is simple – our online application form should take just a few minutes to complete and our team works quickly to approve the loan deposit the money into your bank account. In fact, the whole process is as easy as 1, 2, 3, as you can see below.

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Online application

To apply for a loan with City Finance, you’ll need to fill in an online application form, which you can find here. The application is simple and you’ll just be required to select the amount you’d like to borrow and the repayment time, as well as fill in some personal information, send proof of identity and your most recent 90-day bank statement.

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Once we receive the information from you, someone from our team will call you to confirm your application details. If your application is approved, we’ll contact you to confirm the approval and send your contract. We’ll also get your bank details so we can send over the

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Once you’ve been approved, you should receive the money by the end of the day. However, most customers receive the money even sooner. From here you’ll be able to spend the money on what you please – and you will just need to meet the contracted repayments (weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments).

What is a personal loan for students?

A personal loan for students is an unsecured personal loan that is granted to students to help them cover the costs of anything related to their education. Many students will use this type of loan to cover things like tuition fees, books and electronics that are related to their studies.

As a student, it can be hard to find the time to work a part-time job as well as study, and it can be tricky to find a place of employment that will work around your uni or TAFE hours. Our personal loans for students can not only be used for educational costs, but also for personal costs that you need covering so that you can focus on your studies. This could be the cost of groceries, housing supplies or other personal requirements.

Our student loans are unsecured loans, which means that you don’t need to put forward any security or collateral in order to get approved for the loan. Once approved, the loan amount with be deposited directly into your bank account, and you can use it to buy the things you require to help your studies.

Am I eligible for a student personal loan?

Are you a student? Aged 18 or older and can supply bank statements, show proof of income and some supporting documents? If you answered yes to these questions then you’re probably eligible for a student loan with us.

If you’re worried about your eligibility for a loan because you have a bad credit history, you shouldn’t be. We are an inclusive lender and offer rewarding loans to students even if they have a less than perfect credit score. We pride ourselves on our flexible eligibility criteria.

If you’re unsure of your eligibility please feel free to reach out to our customer service here.

What supporting documents and information do we need to process your personal loan?

At City Finance the process of applying for a rewarding personal loan is simple. We don’t need a bunch of different documents, all we require is the following:

  • A copy of your ID
  • A short application form with details such as your address and phone number
  • Proof of your income (either wages or Centrelink benefits)
  • 90-day history of bank statements

Why choose City Finance?

Quick decisions, quick deposits

If you’ve found yourself in a position where you need money quickly, then a City Finance loan can help. Our online application process takes just a matter of minutes and our team works quickly to approve your loan and deposit the money. In many cases, our customers have received the money in their bank account on the same day that they apply for a personal loan.

All-inclusive lending

People who have a less than ideal financial situation are often declined by financial institutions when they apply for a loan. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, then you shouldn’t hesitate to apply for a loan with City Finance. We pride ourselves on our inclusivity, and grant loans to many applicants, even if they don’t have a great credit history, or have a low income. We also issue loans to applicants who are on government benefits, like Centrelink.

Flexible repayments

Our loans are flexible, and we can adapt the loan terms so that they suit your personal situation. We offer loans between $500 and $5000, repayment lengths between 12 and 52 weeks and a choice of weekly, fortnight or monthly repayments. Plus, if you find yourself if a situation where you can pay off your loan early, you won’t be hit with early repayment fees.

Trusted lenders

We’ve been lending to Aussies for over 20 years, and are well established within the loan industry. When securing a loan through City Finance, you can be confident that you’re borrowing from a trusted and reputable lender. Our glowing reviews speak for themself.

Hassle-free borrowing

We’ve designed our loans to make life easy for you. We have a quick application process, an easy repayment schedule through automatic direct debit and clearly set out loan terms.

Understanding lenders

Should you find yourself in a financial situation where you aren’t able to meet your agreed-upon monthly repayment, then don’t stress. We understand that obstacles arise. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, simply reach out to our friendly customer service team. They will discuss your circumstances, and work with you to establish a contingency plan that you can comfortably meet.

What can I use my student loan for?

Tuition fees

Australians are fortunate that the government provides education assistance through the initiative of HELP. However, some educational facilities aren’t included in this, like some TAFE courses and private education institutions. If you have to pay your course fees upfront and aren’t eligible for government help, then we can assist with a student loan.

Books and equipment

Studies have found that textbooks are one of the most expensive education costs and that the average Australian university student spends around $602 a year on textbooks. It can be a struggle to have any spare cash when you’re a busy student, and finding the money to buy books can seem overwhelming. But, don’t worry, we can help you cover the expenses of your textbooks with a student loan.


These days, a laptop is basically a necessity for any university student. All assignments, tests and research must be done on a computer, and a lot of courses require expensive programs like Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro in order to complete assignments. You can cover these big-ticket items with a student loan from City Finance.

Travel expenses

Whether you take public transport or drive to and from your place of study each day, the costs can really add up. If you’re struggling to cover these costs, take out a student loan with us.

Groceries and house supplies

Although groceries and house supplies aren’t directly related to education costs, these things can still be covered with a student loan from City Finance. We understand that juggling study and work can be very hard. So, if you’re not able to earn enough money to cover all of your necessary costs, a student loan can help with this.

Lab fees or parking fees

Some courses have institutional fees, like lab fees, and many universities have high charges for on-campus parking. Our student loans can help you cover these costs and allow you to pay the amount off gradually as you can afford it.

Great service! Highly recommend!!

Donna and Justine went above and beyond to make it an easy process and I couldn’t recommend them more in the future they have really made this a breeze! 11/10 service!
Aellis, 18 September 2020

City Finance are truly remarkable

City Finance are truly remarkable. They are willing to listen, understand and help. They have backed me, stood by me through personal upheavals. A company that goes the extra mile. Thank you.
Ms Laura Dean, 15 November 2020

Thank you to Sue & the team

Thank you to Sue and the team at City Finance! Excellent service, fast. Very friendly and easy. Approval money within the hour. Would have no hesitation in using them again in the future and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Mr Scott Lord, 20 November 2020

Fast and friendly service

Fast and friendly service. I have been with City Finance for a while and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Thank you
Mr John Lye, 13 July 2020

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