5 reasons why you should NOT make New Year’s Resolutions

There’s much easier ways to achieve your goals

Here we go again! As we prepare to welcome 2017, you’ve no doubt started the pointless process of pondering your New Year’s Resolutions. Let us guess – you want to ditch your debts and save some money, you want to lose weight, you want to travel more….are we close?

Here’s 5 reasons why you should skip New Year’s Resolutions altogether – and instead actually start achieving your goals the smart way!

  1. Face it – you’re not going to stick to it

Remember that year where you stuck to your New Year’s Resolution for all 365 days of the year, and kicked your goals out of the park? Pfft. Yeah, us neither.

  • That’d be because, umm….it never happened! So what makes you think this year will be any different?
  • No matter how determined you think you are, chances are your New Year’s Resolution will have slipped by the wayside by mid-January. Big bonus points to you if you make it into February – well done you!
  1. And while we’re facing facts…..

Perhaps just possibly, maybe – you tend to make your resolutions while you’re a little, shall we say – under the weather?!

  • Our booze-fuelled thoughts always seem so simple, clear and attainable!
  • By all means, party your way into 2017 with a bucket load of beers or champagnes. Just keep your goal setting sessions to your more sober moments!
  1. You’re dreaming too big

Dreams are good. Goals are great! But they need to be realistic.

  • Want to ditch your debt by mid-year – yet have no financial plan, income or way to go about it? Or perhaps you’re resolving to run a half marathon this year – yet currently struggle to complete a lap of the block?
  • Most New Year’s Resolution’s tend to fail because they’re simply too far out of reach, or you don’t have a realistic action plan to work towards achieving them.
  • But “If I dream it, I can do it!”, we hear you say? Hmm, yeah….really? All that #inspo stuff is lovely, but it’s not going to make miracles happen.
  1. Your heart’s just not in it

Any worthwhile and meaningful New Year’s Resolution is one that’s not likely to be achieved easily.

  • Achieving any worthy goal takes an awful lot of commitment, hard work and dedication. And while we’ve every faith in you – do you have faith in yourself and your ability to stick to it?
  • Be honest. Most of us tend to start coming up with a shortlist of reasons excuses why we can’t achieve our New Year’s Resolutions pretty quickly after the dust has settled on the New Year’s fireworks and the party hangover has kicked in.
  1. You’re trying to run before you can crawl

Baby steps, people! Stop diving in too far, too soon.

  • So you want to lose weight? Before you rush off to the gym to suffer your way through gruelling daily workouts and try living off nothing but flavourless diet shakes – stop!
  • Charging at your New Year’s Resolution all guns blazing is a guaranteed way to burn out fast. You’ll be back on the couch scoffing choccies by February.
  • Most of us make this mistake. Instead, we’re supposed to break our goal down into small, achievable ‘mini-goals’ – in a Hare and the Tortoise ‘slow and steady wins the race’ kinda way.

There’s an easier way!

Which brings us to the important bit. Don’t worry – we’re not suggesting you’re never going to achieve your New Year’s goals.

  • The trick is to set small, achievable goals that let you continue to be yourself!
  • New Year = new you? Hmm, not quite. Instead, think of it as New Year = Real You.
  • Take a while to think about what you really want to focus on. Then consider all aspects of your life and existing commitments, because whatever your goal, those are the conditions in which you’ll need to achieve it.
  • You can’t (easily) change the fundamentals about who you are, where you live, who with and how much money you have. So be realistic about what steps you’ll be able to take towards achieving your goal, and in what time frame.
  • By keeping your goal true to yourself and your situation, you’ll be setting and taking realistic and achievable steps. A sure fire way to success!