9 insanely clever yet simple Christmas hacks

9 insanely clever yet simple Christmas hacks

The countdown is on!

There’s just 10 weeks until Christmas. Yep, seriously – 10. By now you’ve probably encountered that terrifyingly dazzling Christmas display in your local department store, the one that spikes that familiar feeling of dread deep in the pit of your stomach.

But there’s no need to panic. Here’s 9clever and simple ways you can meet the Christmas chaos head on, and sail into the festive season calm, prepared – and on budget!

  1. Xmas countdown timer

If you ever need to check just how on track you are (or aren’t?!), use this handy Christmas countdown timer, which will tell you exactly how many days and weeks there are to go until the big day.

  1. Make your own wreath

Skip the expensive store-bought Christmas wreath and make your own using tree baubles. You’ll save a fortune and have a much more eye-catching and festive design adoring your front door.

  1. Nail-free wreath hanging

Renting and unable to knock a nail or hook into your front door? Try this handy hanging trick using fishing line.

  1. Get clever with cable ties

And while we’re on the subject of nail-free hanging, check out this clever way to use cable ties to hang your Christmas lights and decorations. After Santa’s been, simply snip them off with scissors!

  1. Ping pong lights

If you’re feeling creative, why not DIY some Christmas lights? Check out these funky ping pong ball lights.

  1. Create a light-up tree on your wall

Got little kids or pets who destroy your Christmas tree before you can finish assembling or decorating it? Replace it with this cute version made out of lights on your living room wall!

  1. Make magazine trees

Got some old magazines lying around? The kids will love making them into gorgeous little magazine Christmas trees.

  1. Or eat your tree!

Arrange green and red jelly cups in a tree formation for a Christmas party centrepiece that will make the kids go wild!

  1. Make your own gift tags

Save cash and the environment by using leftover or old Christmas cards to make your own gorgeous gift tags.