6 boredom busting ideas for Easter!

School holidays? Talk about a mixed blessing! On one hand you get to spend some quality time with your kids while they’re still young enough to appreciate it. And on the other, you have a constant job on your hands to keep them entertained for weeks at a time. That can be exhausting – not to mention expensive. So take a look at our 6 easy fun-filled ideas to beat kids boredom this Easter.   Boredom busters – all on a budget!

  1. Make your own 10-pin bowling set

Do you have some used plastic bottles stashed under the sink or in the recycling? Then dig them out, soak off the labels and give them a coat of white craft paint – you can add a red ‘bow tie’ if you choose. Then simply arrange them in a triangle and challenge the kids to knock the 10 ‘pins’ down with a ball.

  1. Get planting in the back yard

Kids love watching things grow (not to mention playing with mud!), so why not grow their love of gardening by helping them plant their own packets of seeds. A few pots or a small garden bed in the yard is all it takes. And the whole habit of planting and nurturing plants, flowers or herbs is one that will stay with them for life.

  1. What’s happening at your local library?

Libraries are buzzing with free activities during the school holidays – from Storytime to Singalongs – and many of these have an educational value as well. So why not check out what’s happening at your local library’s website – and get yourselves along.

  1. Go on a nature walk

They say the best things in life are free and a walk round your local park or botanical gardens is proof of that. As well as a great way to get some exercise, it’s also useful for teaching kids a bit more about local trees, plants, birds and other wildlife.

  1. Set up camp in the backyard

Sleeping under the stars is an adventure at any age. So why not set up a camp site in your backyard and let their imaginations run wild. Invite some of their friends and get some marshmallows toasting on the fire – or a BBQ if that’s a bit more practical. Either way, it’s the stuff that kids’ memories are made of!

  1. Make your own pancake faces

Kids love to cook – and kids love craft. So pancake faces are a sure-fire winner! Making the pancakes is super simple – here’s a recipe. Then it’s just a case of letting them turn them into faces, using sprinkles, raisins, icing sugar, chocolate chips – or anything edible you have in the cupboard. Knowing they get to eat them after? Well that’s just the icing on the pan-cake!