Quick and easy ways to boost your family budget

Where does all of my money go?! If, like many of us, you often find yourself asking this question, perhaps it’s time for a family budget reboot. Make ends meet by taking the time to plan your spending, and you might even manage to save a little. Whether you need to cover some unexpected bills or would like to plan a much-needed holiday….read on, and start making the most of your money!

5 switches you can flick to make fast, easy cash savings

  1. Turn off auto pilot

  • Many of us let purchases and contracts like insurance, electricity and phone just automatically renew every year.
  • Don’t let your providers take you for granted!
  • Shop around, and you’re almost guaranteed to find a better deal elsewhere.
  • Jump onto free price comparison websites like iSelect and Compare The Market and see how much you can save by switching companies.
  1. Turn off the lights

  • You can shrink your energy bills by switching lights and appliances off when you’re not using them.
  • Items like your TV and microwave continue to use power while they’re left in stand-by mode.
  • Make savvy savings in the family budget by turning appliances off at the power-point, and use your washing machine and dishwasher in off-peak energy periods to get a cheaper rate.
  1. Turn off the impulse

  • Be really honest with yourself. Chances are, many of the things you’ve bought in the last month are things you could you have gone without.
  • Many of us are guilty of paying for subscriptions, gym memberships and other things we don’t even use.
  • Cancel them, and curb your urge to buy things on impulse.
  • If you really do want something, set yourself a savings goal and reward yourself with a small purchase every now and then.
  • For some other fast and easy cash savings, also check out our 5 things to stop paying for, right now!
  1. Turn on your bargaining power

  • There’s a golden rule to follow when it comes to spending your money and everything is negotiable!
  • No matter what you’re buying, from a haircut through to car insurance – don’t be afraid to ask for a better deal on the price.
  • Most businesses will happily compete for your dollar in today’s competitive market.
  • It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. It’s helping to keep more of your cash in your pocket!
  1. Turn on your money making power

There’s lots of easy ways you can make or save some fast, easy cash.

  • Consider making some extra rent dollars by renting out a spare room.
  • Boost your budget with some babysitting. List your services on sites like Find A Babysitter or Care for Kids.
  • Get paid to go walking! If you’re good with animals and have some spare time, dog walking can make you some good dollars.
  • Get creative! Set up a stall at your local markets to sell your homemade wares.
  • For some more inspiration, check out our 7 quick and easy ways to boost your budget and make some fast cash.

So go on – start making some great savings in your family budget today!

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