The Centrelink cuts keep on coming

Changes to the Energy Supplement

Just when you thought you’d taken all the cuts Centrelink could dish out – along comes another one.

Despite soaring energy prices and rising household debt, there are planned cuts to the Energy Supplement payment.

What’s the Energy Supplement?

  • This is a Centrelink payment to help households meet their energy expenses.
  • It was originally designed to offset any increase in power costs associated with the carbon tax.

Who gets the Energy Supplement?

  • The Energy Supplement is paid to eligible pensioners and income support recipients, Family Tax Benefit recipients, and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders.

What’s changing?

  • From 20 March 2017 the rules around the Energy Supplement payment are changing.
  • How you’re affected depends on when you started getting the supplement and with which payment or card.
  • It’s all a bit complicated – but check out the tables below to see how you might be affected.

Who’s affected?

What do I need to do?

Nothing. If you’re affected you’ll get a letter from Centrelink, and the change will happen automatically.

You can read more information and an outline of the Energy Supplement changes that are coming into effect here.