Get sporty and save in Penrith

There’s lots of sports to choose from around Penrith! Whether you’ve been playing a sport for years or have resolved to try something new, here’s a few sporting suggestions.

Sports to try around Penrith 

Footy fun

The Penrith region has all football codes covered.

Bounce baby, bounce!

On your marks!

  • Release your child’s inner athlete and get in touch with Jamison Little Athletics in Penrith, or Little Athletics in Emu Plains or Cranebrook.
  • They can try their hand at high jump, long jump, shotput and of course running!

Hit a home run

Calling all cricketers!

Team sports not your thing?

There’s lots of alternatives to team sports around Penrith.

Grab some cash to help cover the cost

  • If you need some extra cash to help cover the cost of signing your kids up for sport in Penrith, help may be at hand!
  • The NSW Government’s Active Kids Rebate program offers a $100 voucher for each school aged child, for use with participating sports and fitness organisations.
  • Check their website for details on how to apply.

Save cash on your sport

Still need some fast cash to get you moving?

  • If you need quick and easy access to some extra cash to launch your sporting dream, City Finance can help!
  • Pop in and visit our friendly staff at our Penrith branch for a chat.
  • You can also phone us on 4732 6500, or apply online today!