Are you a grandparent caring for your grandchild?

Emotional and financial support is available

  • If you’re the primary carer for your grandchild, you’ll know how challenging – and rewarding! – it can be.
  • Perhaps a family crisis has left your grandchild needing your care. Whether this is a temporary or permanent situation, it can be tough.
  • It’s wonderful to know you’re giving your grandchild a safe, loving home. But all of a sudden you have less time for yourself, and are exhausted trying to keep up with an energy and fun-filled youngster.

Help is at hand

  • As a grandparent carer, you’re not alone. Almost 50,000 Aussie families are grandparents raising their grandkids.
  • You might not know how long you’ll be caring for your grandchild, and you might feel as if your whole world has been turned upside down.
  • Centrelink’s Grandparent Advisers are here to support you. They can listen to your needs and concerns, and connect you with payments and services to help you as you care for your grandchild.

How Centrelink can help

  • Grandparent Advisers are ready to lend an ear and some helpful advice for grandparents who are caring for a grandchild.
  • They understand that being a carer can be hard work, and very stressful.
  • They know it can also place you under significant financial strain.
  • They’re keen to help you meet the best interests of your grandchild, and can help connect you with payments and services in your community that can support your needs.

Services you can access

Financial assistance for grandparent carers

  • As a grandparent who provides ongoing care for your grandchild, you may be recognised as a non-parent carer.
  • This means you can access extra support like child care payments and Medicare services.
  • You can use Centrelink’s Payment Finder to find payments that you may be eligible for.
  • If your grandchild is attending approved child care, you may be able to claim Grandparent Child Care Benefit.
  • This will cover the full cost of approved care for up to 50 hours per child per week, and is paid directly to your child care service.
  • Chat to one of Centrelink’s Grandparent Advisers to help determine if you’re eligible.

Get in touch

To chat to a Centrelink Grandparent Adviser, give them a call on 1800 245 965.