Planning a wedding on a budget

It’s the day you’ve been dreaming of for years. And although you may have been planning your wedding forever, there are lots of hidden costs that are likely to hit even the most thorough wedding budget.

Hidden wedding costs to watch out for

  1. Stick to what (and where!) you know

  • Think you’re giving your guests a wonderful excuse for a weekend away? You might end up paying more than you bargained for with a destination wedding.
  • Your travel and accommodation costs will quickly add up to big bucks.
  • If you’re planning on a remote location, suppliers like hair and beauty, florists and photographers are likely to be scarce – and expensive!
  • Asking your preferred make-up artist, hair stylist, florist or photographer to travel to your wedding will attract some hefty surcharges.
  • You’ll probably have to cover their travel fees, petrol, accommodation and meal costs.
  1. Sneaky surcharges

  • Read through any contracts you sign with your venue and other suppliers with a fine tooth comb.
  • There’s often a number a sneaky surcharges that can be sprung on you after it’s too late to contest them.
  • Look out for costly fees from your venue. They can vary from using your own caterer to upgrading options in your decorations or entertainment.
  • External suppliers like your photographer will often have surcharges too, such as being provided with a meal and covering their travel costs.
  1. Eating into your budget

  • Food, glorious food! You’ll need to consider the cost of more of it than just the meal being served at your reception.
  • Gatherings with your family and friends in the days before and after your wedding are an often unbudgeted cost.
  • From grabbing a bite with your wedding party the night before the big day through to meeting your family for lunch the day after, all of these meals can get very expensive.
  • Be sure to include an allowance in your wedding budget for miscellaneous costs like these.
  1. Saying thanks without paying the price

  • You’ll probably have several family and friends who spend hours helping you create your dream wedding day.
  • Be sure to thank them with a token of your appreciation – but don’t leave it until the last minute!
  • Look out for special deals in the months beforehand so that you can buy your thank you gifts in bulk and save some big bucks.

Save a stack of cash on your wedding costs

For more savvy savings on your wedding budget, check out these 10 ways to have a beautiful budget wedding.

Need some fast cash for your wedding?

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