Spring clean your life

5 ways you can pop some spring into your cash and your step… time to spring clean your life!

Spring is a great time to review and renew. Seize the opportunity to take a look at your finances, your health and your goals, and get yourself on the right track as we head towards the end of another great year.

Here’s 5 areas of your life you might like to give a little spring cleaning!

  1. Income

Yep, the one thing we all always need a little more of – money!

  • If you’re working and earning an income, consider how you might be able to boost your pay packet.
  • Are you in a position to work a few extra hours a week? This could add a healthy dose to your weekly wage.
  • Or perhaps it’s been a while since you received a pay rise. Book a meeting with the boss and state your case – you never know your luck!
  • If you’re receiving Centrelink support payments, make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to.
  • Try the Centrelink Payment Finder to check your entitlements.
  1. Spending

The one thing you can probably be sure of is that you probably spend more than you should – most of us do!

  1. Savings

If you aren’t saving a small amount of money each week – no matter how small! – start today.

  • Every little bit helps, and even saving a few dollars a week can add up to some really big savings, fast.
  • Set yourself a savings plan
  1. Fitness

So now that you’ve given your finances the once-over, Spring is a great time to get yourself into shape too!

  • Start getting your beach body ready for summer! You don’t have to spend a fortune on a fancy gym membership.
  • Free initiatives like the government’s Health Direct program have some great free ideas for how you can start exercising and improving your fitness.
  • Start small, perhaps by taking a walk around your local area. Take it one step at a time!
  1. Diet

Don’t let your hard work with exercise go to waste!

  • Spring is a great time to give your diet a bit of a clean-up too.
  • Try taking a month off drinking alcohol, and trying to minimise the amount of fast and processed foods you eat.
  • You’ll be amazed how great you can feel just by making a few small changes to what you eat and drink.

Go on – start today, and put a little spring into your cash, and your step!