Strawberries – super cheap and super good for you!

Stock up on these little flavour bombs

Strawberries are one of nature’s simplest and yummiest fruits. Loaded with flavour and antioxidants, they’re one of the most popular fruits in the world. And right now they’re in peak season and plentiful supply, which is great news as they’re super cheap!

Grab yourself several punnets of these joyful little flavour bombs – and enjoy some new ways to eat them!

Where to grab the best deals

  • At some stores this week, strawberries are flying out the door for less than $1 a punnet. Swing by your local grocers to check just how low they’re priced.
  • At Coles and Woolies, a 250gram punnet is $2, or you can grab 3 punnets for $5.
  • When buying strawberries, look for ones that are brightly coloured and firm, with no soft patches or bruises. It pays to take a look through the bottom of the punnet, where the squished ones can often be spotted!

Getting the most out of your berries

  • It’s best to enjoy your strawberries as soon as possible after buying them. But if you’ve taken advantage of the super low prices and stocked up, your extra punnets should keep well in the fridge for 2 to 3 days.
  • Before eating strawberries, wash them first and then remove the green stalks. Dry them with a paper towel, pop them into a bowl and enjoy!

Try some of these fun ideas with strawberries

  • Make up a strawberry flavoured jelly mix and leave it to cool for a while. Slice up some strawberries and swirl them through the jelly mix before popping into the fridge to set.
  • Mix some strawberries into a lovely fresh garden salad – not as strange as it sounds! Their sweetness adds a lovely lift that will tempt the kids to tuck in. Try some of these fun strawberry salad ideas.
  • Dip washed strawberries into some yummy melted chocolate. Place them on some baking paper to set, and eat away!
  • Or for a slightly healthier twist on the above, instead dip washed strawberries into some yoghurt. Place them on a tray lined with baking paper and pop this into the freezer for 2 hours so the yoghurt sets. Yum!
  • Add sliced strawberries to a batch of your favourite muffin mix for yummy berry flavoured muffins.
  • Grab a tub of vanilla ice cream and leave it out on the kitchen bench to soften. Transfer into a mixing bowl and stir in a heap of sliced strawberries. Press back into the tub and pop it into the freezer to set.
  • Make fruit kebabs by popping strawberries onto bamboo skewers, along with any other fruits you love.
  • Freeze them! Give your strawberries a wash and ensure they’re thoroughly dried. Keeping them whole, lay them on a tray lined with baking paper and pop this into the freezer, ensuring the strawberries aren’t touching or they’ll stick together. Once frozen, transfer small batches into little zip lock bags that you can grab next time you want to make a smoothie, stir some through your yoghurt, or add to your baking.
  • Make them into fun treats for the kids – check out these cute little strawberry mice.
  • Try some DIY beauty – make yourself a luxurious strawberry face mask!

However you like your strawberries – stock up today while they’re super cheap, and enjoy!