Will you be chucking a sickie?

Thousands of sickies predicted in Australia Day aftermath

As the nation prepares for Australia Day and our annual celebration of everything that’s fab about being an Aussie, employers around the country wait with bated breath. Just how many of us will turn up to work on Friday?

After all, what could be more Aussie than chucking a sickie the day after a public holiday, and scoring yourself a 4 day weekend?

Do you plan to double your day off?

  • Aussies love to kick back and chill out on Australia Day.
  • However you spend the day – having a big sleep in and lazing at the beach, enjoying a bbq with mates while listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100 or sinking a few too many schooners or vinos, the fact remains – fronting up to work on Friday is going to prove pretty tough.
  • Not-so-surprisingly, the day after Australia Day is one of the most popular days of the year for taking a sickie.
  • For many, the temptation to grab a 4-day weekend might be irresistible.

Employers plead with workers

For Aussie employers, the writing’s on the wall.

  • They’re bracing themselves for a stack of sickie calls early on Friday morning.
  • The Australian Chamber of Commerce is asking Aussie workers to do the right thing by their bosses and co-workers, and turn up for their shifts on Friday.
  • But employers fear that this Friday’s sickies will be so rampant that up to 200,000 Aussies might ring in sick.
  • The cost to businesses from these sick days will run as high as $62 million.

Will you need a medical certificate?

  • If you do plan on taking a sickie this Friday, be warned – many businesses insist you provide a medical certificate if you take a sick day on the day after a public holiday.
  • So plan to spend a little of your day off – and probably some cash! – visiting the doctor this Friday, to be sure your pay doesn’t get docked.

Or are you taking an annual leave day?

  • Both the Chamber of Commerce and the Unions are keen for workers to instead negotiate with the boss to take an annual leave day or RDO instead of chucking a sickie.
  • Perhaps the Commercial Construction unions in Victoria have the right idea – workers there have an RDO on Friday, thanks to their workers’ enterprise bargaining agreement which guarantees them a four-day weekend.

So, what do you think? Is chucking a sickie simply the Aussie thing to do? Or will you be heading into work this Friday?