Time it to perfection

Saving cash is as simple as choosing the right day of the week

When you’re struggling to get by on a low income or Centrelink benefits, every cent counts. But living on a tight budget can be made a little bit easier by being savvy with the day of the week you choose to spend on certain things.

You could save hundreds – or even thousands! – of dollars a year, simply by buying on the right day of the week!

Here’s 5 top tips for saving cash on everyday expenses

  1. Penny pinching on petrol

  • You’ve probably heard that Tuesday is typically the cheapest day of the week to fill up.
  • This is because we all tend to be so busy running around midweek, and the servos aren’t busy – leading them to drop the price by a few cents a litre.
  • As petrol prices can go up and down several times a day, using a fuel price tracking app like MotorMouth or PetrolSpy is a great way to keep tabs on the best price near you.
  • Try to avoid filling up on Thursday or Friday, when prices tend to be highest. 

Top tip – fill up on Tuesday, and use a fuel price tracking app to find the best deal near you

  1. Groceries

  • According to the price comparison experts, Monday and Thursday are the cheapest days for grabbing your groceries at the supermarket. This is when you’ll often find big one day savings on staples like laundry powder and nappies.
  • On Fridays you’ll often grab some great prices on fresh produce.
  • All the big supermarket chains – Aldi, Coles, IGA and Woolies – start their weekly specials on a Wednesday – and it pays to check their catalogues shop around!
  • Be sure to suss out what day and time your local supermarket typically do their discount stickers – you can nab some huge savings on meat and dairy products by being in the right spot at the right time!

Top tip – supermarket markdowns are often done in the afternoon or at night – so shop then instead of in the morning

  1. Hitting the town?

  • Going out for a meal or a movie? Tuesday is by far the cheapest night of the week for dining and entertainment.
  • Restaurants are quiet early in the week and offer more specials then.
  • If the kids are joining you, you’ll often get some great ‘Kids eat free’ specials on Tuesdays.
  • Tuesday is cheap movie night at your local cinema too, so the best night to take in a film.

Top tip – Tuesday is the cheapest night for dining out or catching a movie

  1. Gizmos and gadgets

  • For saving cash on tech devices and electrical appliances, skip the busy shops on the weekend.
  • The quieter midweek days are when you’ll get more attention and willingness to offer heavier discounts.
  • Electrical discounts are often made on Mondays, so towards the start of the week is the cheaper time to shop.
  • Keeping up to speed with when new models are due to launch can pay dividends – you’ll make big savings on outgoing models just before the new ones are released.

Top tip – shop for tech gadgets and appliances on Mondays

  1. Fly into big savings

  • Taking a trip? Avoid flying on a Monday, Friday or Sunday if you can. Domestic flights are at their highest then as they’re peak travelling times.
  • Instead, try to fly in and out on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. These are the cheapest days to fly, especially if you can be flexible with times.
  • You’ll often make big savings by booking on one of the day’s earliest or latest flights.
  • Use a flight comparison website like Webjet to view the full range of options and prices.

Top tip – take domestic flights on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday