Turn Mum’s taxi into some fast cash

Drive your way to financial freedom

It’s the mantra of many Mums – “if only I had a dollar for every time I’ve had to drive you all around!” Well, many women are now choosing to do exactly that – get paid for driving people around.

So if you’ve got a car, and time to spend in it – there’s big bucks to be made!

Uber Mums – turning kilometres into cash!

  • Becoming a driver with a ride sharing service like Uber lets you earn cash from the everyday task of driving your car.
  • Whether you need extra cash to keep up with everyday expenses and bills, or perhaps you want to save money for a holiday – driving is a great way to earn it.
  • You choose when you want to work. Fit it in around family, other work and commitments – whenever suits you.
  • Anyone can become an Uber driver, you just need to pass a criminal background check and have a clean car in good working order. Then hit the road to some fast, easy cash!

Why become an Uber driver?

  • Perhaps you want to study for your dream job – but can’t afford the expensive course fees?
  • Children need braces or want try a new sport or class that you just can’t afford?
  • Got some spare hours each day between dropping the kids at school, doing canteen duty and needing to return to pick the kids up again?
  • Or maybe you want to take that longed-for dream overseas holiday?

Driving lets you earn the much needed cash, while working around your existing commitments such as work, child care or study.

  • Whether you have just a couple of spare hours a week, or can drive all weekend, you can choose to work when it suits you.
  • One Uber driver who works around 30 hours a week says she earns between $1200 and $1800 per week. That’s up to over $90,000 a year!

Women drivers are in high demand

  • When last counted, around 12% of Uber’s drivers were women.
  • Passengers love female drivers Uber are keen to attract more to their ranks, as they find they tend to get exceptionally high customer satisfaction ratings.

Safety first

Concerned that driving strangers is too risky?

  • Current female Uber drivers report that they’ve never encountered any dodgy or threatening customers. Perhaps a few grumpy people having a bad day, but hey – you get that everywhere, right?!
  • Uber take safety seriously, to protect all drivers and passengers. Every trip is logged by GPS, and all passengers and drivers are registered by their real names.
  • The mutual rating system between drivers and passengers helps keep everyone upfront and honest.
  • And best of all – the Uber app keeps everything cashless, removing any threat of passengers ‘doing a runner’ or trying to rob the driver.
  • This cashless system also means you’re guaranteed to get your earnings paid straight into your bank account, every single week.

Tempted to hit the fast lane to making some fast cash? Find out more about becoming an Uber driver!

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