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Finance for medical surprises

Standing in Central Station, James realises he’s squinting to read the expected arrival time of his train home. He’s also noticed he’s been getting more headaches than usual recently, some so severe he’s had to take a personal day to recover. Many years have passed since he last had an eye exam, and both his parents wear glasses, so he decides to see someone about it.

The next day he books an eye exam at the opticians down the street from his work. His lunchtime appointment confirms his fears – he’s short-sighted and needs prescription glasses. The optician hands him a bill that almost causes him to fall off his chair.

Even with the cheapest frames, it’s going to cost him several hundred dollars. James just paid a deposit for a holiday he’s taking later in the year, so cash is a bit tight, but he’s keen to get the glasses as soon as possible to stop the headaches.

He notices a City Finance shop as he walks to the station that night after work, and pops in to see if they can help him. Sally talks him through the options available, and the loan types and terms attached to each one.

James is relieved to be able to spread the repayments out over several months, as he still has the balance of his holiday to pay off and he doesn’t want to stretch himself. Sally approves his loan and makes the transfer in front of his eyes. The next day he pays the optician’s bill and by the end of the week he’s wearing his new glasses and is headache-free!