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Caught between bonds

Abigail receives an eviction notice from her landlord on her rental home – his daughter is returning from overseas and will be moving into the property. With two young children and an estranged husband, this is not welcome news.

But she’s made of tough stuff, and springs into action. She finds a new place for her family to live, but finding the money to pay the bond plus two weeks’ rent upfront proves more difficult, even with the 90 days’ notice she’s given. She also knows she physically can’t handle the move on her own, so needs to find money to cover the cost for ‘a man and a van’ to help on moving day.

One of the mums in the playground recommends City Finance as a short-term solution to her problem, so Abigail nips to her local branch after the school run one morning. She explains her predicament to Harold, who assess her application and happily confirms she’s eligible for a short-term loan. Even better, she can take up to 12 months to repay the cost of the loan if she needs to.

Abigail applies for the loan and gets the funds the next day. She pays the bond and two week’s rent to secure the new place and locks in the moving date with the man and his van. If only she could justify paying someone to pack all the boxes for her!