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Finance for a new baby

Heavily pregnant Helen is really looking forward to being a new mum and meeting her newborn for the first time. Helen will be a single mum, though, as her relationship with the father broke down when she discovered she was pregnant. But she’s really looking forward to the challenge and has lots of friends around to help – many of whom are also young mothers.

One morning Helen is talking to one friend about what she’ll need to buy, and it dawns on her that she’s overlooked quite a few expenses. A cot, a stroller, a car seat, all the blankets, bedding, nappy-change mats… The shopping list is growing – and she needs to get these things sorted out before she has the baby as she won’t have any time afterwards!

Unfortunately Helen hasn’t made any significant savings, although she does get some income on maternity leave, so she decided to take out a loan to cover the cost of the baby equipment upfront. Living in rented accommodation as a single mother might make this difficult, and her bank probably won’t help as her ex-partner was a joint account holder and messed things up before they split.

Her friend suggests City Finance: she used them recently when a car repair turned out to be more expensive than she’d anticipated. So Helen checks them out online that afternoon, and finds a medium-amount loan option that will cover everything she needs – but won’t leave her short when it comes to monthly repayments.

Helen is impressed how straightforward and transparent the online application is and plans a shopping trip with at the weekend – her friend can carry all the new baby’s equipment for her!