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When the wheels come off your finances

Melissa uses her car for everything – it’s her commute, her shopping trolley, and her friends’ taxi service. It goes everywhere, so when it decided it didn’t start one morning Melissa’s day suddenly became really complicated. And she didn’t have the breakdown cover to get it seen to straight away.

While she waited for a local mechanic to come and check things over, she called the office to say she’d be late, cancelled her evening out with friends, and decided to get a quick bite on the way home instead of attempting a grocery shop.

It turned out there was a problem with the transmission – that would explain the noises it was making! Fairly easy to fix. The cost? For towing the car to the garage and fixing it, about $1,200. Melissa’s routine and social life had ground to a halt with her car, and she couldn’t leave it at the side of the road to shop around for quotes so she agreed.

But as she rode the bus to work she checked her finances on her mobile and wasn’t sure how she’d cover the cost in one go. She earned enough to cover loan repayments, but she’d only been living in Australia for a year so she had no credit history to support her application.

So Melissa popped into a nearby City Finance branch during her lunch break, and explained her situation. Within an hour, she had arranged a short-term loan to cover the cost of the car repairs, with clear and affordable repayment terms… and peace of mind her life was back on track.