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Loans for funerals

Catherine’s uncle Terry had never complained of feeling ill, or visited the doctor as far as she knew. So his death was very unexpected – he’d had a heart attack in his sleep, and it soon became clear he’d left no will or put any money aside for his funeral.

The wider family had long considered Catherine to be Terry’s next of kin, as he had no surviving close family. And so, during a time of grief Catherine had to find the money for – and arrange – Terry’s funeral. Having only just returned to work after being unemployed for a while, this would really stretch her finances, and she was under pressure from the rest of the family (who weren’t helping much) to arrange a suitable date and give Terry a respectable send-off. Catherine didn’t know where to turn.

After a few days wondering where on earth she’d find the money to cover everything, Catherine passed a City Finance branch on her way home from work.

They were empathetic, understanding and helpful, putting Catherine at ease. The lender arranged an affordable short-term loan to cover Terry’s funeral and a family get-together afterwards. Everything went smoothly, and it was nice to catch up with the family despite the occasion.

Catherine has since paid her loan back in easy-to-manage instalments, and her new job’s going really well.