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A long-overdue reunion – without going overdrawn

Claire’s old schoolfriend Sandy moved across the country five years ago for a great job opportunity. The two stayed in touch but Claire hadn’t had a chance to visit as she never had funds available at the right time. Her cards are always maxed out, and she has to juggle her finances carefully.

Then Sandy became a new mum and Claire knew she’d never be forgiven if she didn’t visit. But with finances tight, she also knew it’d be difficult to cover flights and expenses, and gifts for Sandy and her baby daughter. She tried to get a higher limit on her cards, but no joy. And she wanted to book flights and surprise Sandy as soon as possible.

A friend suggested trying City Finance. She’d heard they were great for covering unexpected outgoings, and that they could often approve a loan straight away.

So Claire called City Finance. George picked up the phone, and talked Claire through everything before arranging a medium-amount loan that matched Claire’s circumstances. The money was in Claire’s account the following morning, so she could book her flights, surprise Sandy, and start planning her reunion and baby shower straight away!