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Supporting a full physical and financial recovery

Six months ago, Sue was made redundant when a larger business bought out the one she was working for. Not good timing, considering she was recovering from a horse-riding accident. And because she wasn’t insured for the accident, she needed her income to cover rehabilitation not available on Medicare, and other expenses such as prescription medication.

Halfway through a course of physiotherapy, she realised her savings would run out before the course finished, and she didn’t know when she’d find another job to cover her rent. The situation was weighing on her mind more as every day passed, as she couldn’t just postpone treatment or stop paying for it.

Sue found a new job just as finances were getting really tight, but she wouldn’t be starting for another three months, so she had her rent and living expenses to consider as well as the cost of the remaining physio.

While she was online one evening, Sue saw an ad for City Finance and decided to take a closer look. All the information and explanation she needed was right there, and she could choose the loan amount and repayment schedule that best suited her unique circumstances. What a relief! Within minutes she could relax and start looking forward to her new job, and to being fully recovered from her accident.